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new album: peeling peaches

i have a new album out: "peeling peaches". some of the tracks you can hear on my page. would be happy, if you could look for it on amazon: http://www.amazon.de/Peeling-Peaches-Sven-Melo/dp/B00LXTEFEO/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1408352186&sr=8-1&keywords=sven+melo+peeling+peaches

a lonely cat

hello, my friends - i have a new tune after a while. it's inspired by a black cat that accompanied me at night on an island. think you'll see it walking by listening to the sound. thanks for interest and friendshiip!

first flowers of spring

this tune is inspired by the awakening of nature and the music of the old canterbury scene. i liked to use a simple repeat form for it (abbcdabbc) to illustrate the eternal circle of all things. life will never end.

sangre de santo

tried some spanish and latin things in the new song. it has something tragical in the tune, although it seems to be cheerful. named it "sangre de santo" (blood of the saint), because it reminds me of the typically spanish feel of life between suffering, violence and faith.

peeling peaches

my new work as concept album, named "peeling peaches" is in sight. i have composed the most of the tracks now, and i'm thinking about the golden thread to combine the different pieces. the subject itself needs no explanation and will be a secret, but i want to feel the unity of music. maybe i need more time, some of the new tracks you can listen here soon! sven


"svensong" is my new promo-track, which all my fans can download for free. with this track i tried to characterize sven's way musically. what does it mean to be a man and a swan at the same time? no one knows but me!

diary of a swan

posted some tunes from my album "diary of a swan" that you can buy at amazon and cdbaby. "peeling" is a new track.

started on reverbnation

started now on reverbnation after leaving myspace for the silly changes there. uploaded here a video named "november", the new song "peeling" and some tracks of my 2012 album "diary of a swan". hope you enjoy it all. and yeah - i reached rank 10 in the world music charts of reverbnation - whatever that means. think it's for the effort i had. :-) a great time to everyone!