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My artificial choirs

When you hear some deep male voices in some of my songs, they are not real. They are generated from my voice by a voice processor. There can also be other artificial choirs who sing along with me in the background. I make all vocals and records absolutely alone. Only computers and robots help me.

Meine deutschen Witzlieder

Bitte versucht nicht, in meinem Song "Detlef" irgendeine Diskriminierung zu erkennen. Es ist nur ein "surrealer" Witz - genau wie in den "Drei Blondinen" und in einigen anderen Songs. Vielen Dank!

Something historical

Some years ago I watched my statistics and saw, that someone from an autonomous island named "Niue" - near the Cook Islands - had downloaded my German joke song "Drei Blondinen" (Three Blondes). :D There seem to live lots of Germans on that island. They have also a coin with a portrait of John F. Kennedy and his famos quote "Ich bin ein Berliner". I found that in a coin catalog last year.