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EDGEWOOD - Out Now for Donation Download

Upfull Rising has just released our first full length album "EDGEWOOD" for donation download exclusively at www.upfullrising.com, during the month of AUGUST!

If you are broke then download it for free! We really want to you enjoy our music. "EDGEWOOD" is a 100% DIY project and we are very excited to share it with the world! -stay upfull

UR Recording

Inspired by incredible fan support and an unshakeable dedication to making positive music, we are excited to announce that we have started recording. Stay tuned for more info on our summer release and as always check out www.upfullrising.com for upcoming shows, news, and the free downloads. -Stay Upfull

Feb 8th w/ PATO BANTON

Upfull Rising is excited to announce our show with Pato Banton on Feb 8th 2014 @ The Gaslamp in Long Beach.

PreSale Ticket - $10 PartyBus+Ticket - $30 (upfullrising@gmail.com for ticket info/purchase)

Thank You All For Your Support -STAY UPFULL