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Harvest Grill has just been canceled due to Vikings Game, State Fair and Weather. See you there in two weeks and sorry for all of you planning on coming tonight. :/

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Soverign Vineyards

Last night was a hot scorcher out at Soverign Vineyards on the lake in Waconia. Met so many new friends and folks held hands, danced, ate, drank, sang along, laughed and we can't wait to do it again out there. Make rez. for one of their all inclusive dinners.... I'll be playing at some of them come fall when the weather cools down..


Being in Montana the next few weeks you must go to our facebook DTW page to listen to our hour broadcasts until I'm back in MPLS. https://www.facebook.com/DriveTimeWorshipRadio . Sorry for any inconvenience.. also check out my blog for stories from the MT's. http://craigtolson.blogspot.com/

Sovereign Vineyards.

What a gorgeous place in Waconia. Playing in the Gazebo was stunning and all the people enjoying a Sunday afternoon sampling unique wines. Loved seeing my kids and grand kids there (to see me play for the first time) from Wyoming and my sis and her family was a treat. And 72 degrees and sunny... awesome. See you there soon to sample the next red blend coming out soon.

Summer Begins

It's a beautiful evening on the deck tonight with my dog, a fresh rain and a good cigar. As i have begun the summer gigs, they are moving more and more to outdoor patios and early hours. Kinda nice to be done tearing down and home by midnight instead of 3 or 4. I'm doing a lot of new venues this summer and I hope you have a chance to come enjoy the weather with me. Camping season is hear and fly fishing is calling. I'll be leaving for Montana in a few weeks to do some gigs out there and I'll be on a few new rivers and playing along the rivers at some private events as well. That will be a first and the new set of Cowboy music I'm learning is right up that alley for eveything that feels like the old west.

A few chuch gigs on occasion and a few original concerts as well, so, we feel pretty blessed over all. No politics yet in full swing to argue about (or try to avoid) so thats nice :) 4th grandchild about to arrive and our youngest with one more year of highschool. Like many of you entering this next 3rd of life, it brings many new changes and opportunities to "think" about the big picture of what really matters in life as you move forward. I hope and pray that you all continue to listen to your hearts and then adjust eveything else to fit that... Hope your summer is beautiful and that you get a good chance to enjoy the things you love and love the things you enjoy... See you on the road soon. Craig T.

Soul Man

New Lyric from this week. 1st demo is at my blogspot blot as a video.

Soul Man CraigT. 2014  Seems Nothing Good Goes Unshattered, every piece of silk wears worn and tattered aint nothing on this earth that lasts forever, but your soul man. All your favorite toys will be broken. And all your part time lovers will leave unspoken. There aint nothing on this earth that lasts forever   but your soul man

Runnin in circles goin no where fast, lookin for light on a darkened path whats shiny and bright may catch your eye but you aint no angel in disquise Your're just another soul man, looking for love.

All my papers framed in degrees, won't impress anyone smarter than me. And there aint no job to fulfill your soul in this life man

 Runnin in circles goin no where fast like a click clack train on a basement track every things real in your fantasy till you wake up and in an empty bed, just another soul man, looking for love.

BR) Slow down, close your eyes and breathe. Listen, to what the silence brings... to your soul man.

High end whiskey and high end scotch. Hell, high end anything that you got they're just a high end bandaid for a troubled spot in your soul, man

Running in circles on an oval track tryin to beat somebody climbing up your back. That inside lane looks like some big ole crack, till it takes you out on the wall. But it's your soul man, looking for good times,  It's your soul man, looking for love.

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Laptops and YouTubes..

Posted my first "sittin at the fire", "record on my macbook" song demo. Pretty hard to get used to the nakedness of that kind of recording but it seems to be pretty popular for writers out there who don't want to spend their hard earned dollars on videos and recordings that bless people but not you. Hope the song makes you feel thankful like it does me.. I'll be doing it at the live shows.