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PA System and School Shit

It's finals week and we're just about finished with our demo. Most of us are bogged down with papers and exams. We just tested out a P.A. system from our friend Lacey (So Much For Sweet Talk) and we're going to buy it and use it. Rocks to have friends like that. We got 2 weeks left till school's over and then we start going against the grain. We are looking to have at least three songs done by the start of the fall semester. Sam's heading down south to TCNJ for the spring to pursue further studies and that means we might be looking to doing venues down there, too!

We're just going to re-record our demo song and do our . Over the break we will record Armed to the Teeth and finish Kali Yuga. Then we're gonna try out some new riffs and see if we can make something out of them.

Update - Song Almost Finished (Lacking)

It's freezing out. We finally got our first full band jam session, and despite a few intoxicated mishaps, we're good to go. We have the same sense of humor and there are no internal problems- that is to say, we're off on the right foot!

Few updates-

Sammy K got a new guitar and no longer uses a Schecter Omen-6 as a main! "I'm proud to say I'm an owner of the beautiful PRS Paul Allender SE, the brainchild of my guitar idol, Paul Allender (of CoF)!"

Kali Yuga (the destroyer) is being put on hold so we can work on a new song.

We have laid everything out for "Fatalist" except for a lead track and vocals, and we have played it at the jam session with very minor flaws. So we're almost there. So far we have a small demo recording of it. We won't release it until it's perfected.

What to expect by January? To say the least, a flawless and complete version of "Fatalist". We'll post that up here. And a demo version of "Kali Yuga".


So we've finished our first song "Fatalist" (subject to name change). We also have drawn up the tabs for our next song "Kali Yuga [The Destroyer]". We got a drummer too. We're gonna make a 5 song EP and we're just about set with our cover songs. We're covering Cradle of Filth's "Foetus of a New Day Kicking" and Killswitch Engage's "Breathe Life".

Proposed Song List for EP:

1. Fatalist (Subject to Name Change) 2. Kali Yuga- The Destroyer 3. Bury the Hatchet... In Thy Enemy 4. Armed To The Teeth with Serial Thoughts 5. Sic Semper Tyrannis

6. Foetus of a New Day Kicking (Cradle of Filth cover) 7. Breathe Life (Killswitch Engage cover)

We're also having a sometime in the next few weeks. We might have two separate s. Who knows. Midterms are here and no one's on track with everything. We might rent out a storage place in Chatham or Madison for jam sessions.

From The Beginning... We Thrash!

So we're finally a band. We got a kick ass singer and a bassist and all we're waiting on is a drummer. Recording has finally begun, and cover songs have been chosen. It just seems like everything is fitting like a gigantic puzzle piece. We got plans to hit every ing major venue in NJ and we're even aiming the Warped Tour and/or Mayhem. , we'll take em all. It's time to put some real talent- complex riffs, dual lead harmonies, melodic singing, and crushing drive- back into New Jersey's scene.

Our demo song "Fatalist" has been pieced together. We're currently testing a few drum tracks to see what fits best. Man this song turned out way better than we'd expected. We're gonna record this and go back to piecing together our next one, "Sic Semper Tyrannis". We might even play a show on campus (that is IF they'd give their own students a shot at a show). I'm optimistic about it at least.

For now it's against the grain, blood sweat & tears grind time.