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ghost knife lives (no surprise) as a ghost

haven't done anything in almost a year (maybe less time? I don't know what day it is), don't remember how to play most of these songs. don't remember being on stage in this band. and yet, I periodically get emails saying, "you have a new fan on reverbnation!" (yes, I know most of you are computer algorithms, posing as marketing executives) sometimes I get emails with offers for shows. sometimes people send me messages and say, "hey, I really liked (your favorite song here). mostly I ignore all of these.


this band is like a bad joke that your friends started about you, but you haven't heard about yet. I haven't written a song in months. Hadn't seriously picked up a guitar in as long until yesterday. I sent a facebook message to my former best friend about jamming together. I quit doing drugs and drinking and it's fucking bullshit. My entire body aches all the time and it's all I can do to drag my listless corpse to work everynight.

first real demo


finished drum tracks for our first release today. finished mixing the first real demo about ten minutes ago. blogging remains sporadic.