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The Grasshopper Rules

You guys are awesome!!! Thank you so much to everyone who came out. It was a great night. Kerry, Mark, Jen, Joe and Greg thanks for helping spread the word. Joe Tencza and Chris, you guys can play with us any time. Joe we need to talk, so we can figure out more for you to sing next time.

Bobby, I'm glad we got to start off your birthday celebration a little early. Happy 40th, Brother!!!

We'll be back in June and September, so we'll be harassing you all when those dates get closer. In the mean time, we'd love some song suggestions, so send those along so we can prepare for next time.

See you soon. TPC-Dave, Daryn, Guido, and Kevin

PS--What should TPC stand for? Some people are having a hard time believing we collectively weigh a thousand pounds. They're claiming false advertising. We'd love to hear your suggestions.

Song Suggestions

Hey Everyone, Thanks for checking out our site, if you have any song suggestions post them here. We're always up for new ideas. Also, we should have video up soon, so come back and check it out. Take Care, TPC


Thanks to everyone who came out the Stagehouse. It was great to get out and party with everyone. We'll keep you posted on when we'll be there again.