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Looking for shows

If any christian artists wanna book a show feel free to contact us we're down

HeavenBound Gospel Ministry
HeavenBound Gospel Ministry  (over 4 years ago)

Having a program on September 7th at 5:00 pm, A church is having a fundraiser. If you are interested call me 303.946.3255


Pamela Blair

The Lord moves

Sometimes God takes you where he needs you. This week ours doors were closed with Wheat Ridge United Methodist and within a week God opened the door to a new church "Divine Reflection". The church is phenomenal, having you so full of holy spirit by the time you leave you won't be able to shake the feeling for a while. Anyways God thankyou again, and thank you the fans for all the help and support your giving us.

We are Practice Praise You are Practice Praise: Stay Blessed!!


We had a bit of struggle this morning, I (Kyle) played drums for New Psalm, we did a couple of 3/4 songs, any who thought we did good on Matt Redman's - 10,000 Reasons Bless The Lord(great song) and we closed with a new jam Fisher of Men. Also this thursday we layed down the tracks for Fisher of Men and I'm waiting for my homies from The Hero Clique to get their tracks done. So be looking for that, anyways God Bless you all have a great Sunday!

The love for music!

We've been doing this for almost 6 months and in the time Double P has been around we've grown bigger than any of my metal band or other projects. I'm am looking foreword to the coming weeks God has sent us the task of selling 25 tickets at 20 bucks a pop for this upcoming July 20th show(coincidentally all our Double P gigs keep falling on the 20th) any hoot we are having fun playin' music for the lord. We hope you all enjoy the tracks we're playing and God Bless all of you for if it were'nt for the almost hundred of you loyal fans we have we wouldn't have anything. God Bless you all.