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White Buffalo Calf Woman "twin deer mother"

Welcome Reberbnation and world family, Love to you! Join the gathering from around the world. I offer blessings and interpretation of your muliticolor garment of lights. We are the Rainbow Warriors and have begun the Great Migration. We need gifted artists to gatherings. And if you are interested in playing at Pow Wows, we would love to have your love with us, as we journey together towards the "Dawning", the yellow rolling hill in Evolution. Email: whitebuffalocalfwoman@gmail.com or visit http://twindeermother.blogspot.com your devoted servant, white buffalo calf woman (twin deer mother)Elder Crystal Person (iyeshka or interpreter)

Relative, Ask for your song and see if you can be as Great as thee. For the voice within you is Great if you could let it shine today, the memory of all your love will come flooding when it should. The beauty of your Grace is but only a distant face, but if you long to hold your hand, then you will understand that God lives inside of you, when you sing your heart that is true. Ask for the voice that sings, for Calf Woman will offer you words that ring, but you will have to put music to thee and let your heart feel liberty. Catch a wave and you will sea, that love is asking for in the breeze. Just ask and you will receive the Greatness of God has to achieve. Aho, may your spirit fly, your devoted servant, White Buffalo Calf Woman, your Twin Deer Mother

White Buffalo Calf Woman
White Buffalo Calf Woman  (about 8 years ago)

hope you have enjoyed " a gift from an indigo girl"