hiya r

Been offline a while. Things to work out at home. Trying to put a unit together for performing. It is hard to find available musicians. But gonna keep at it even I have to use the band in my laptop. wish me luck. PLR


Peace, Love, Respect. I'm blessed with more fans than I could have wished for. Thank you all for visiting, listening, enjoying and I hope sharing what I've done. It's gonna take me a long while to visit all of you, but visit, listen and share I will. Please post comments about what you think of the music. I need them. Again, thank you so much. PLR

buy a song

artist are helping charities with part of the sales of their songs. I put some loot aside to buy some I like and help out. Hope you all will also. PLR

Hiya R people

Back on the road. Let's see what music the road brings. My little "Cubby Hole Studio" has been offline for the holidays. Had a good time with family and friends. Be good to each other. PLR (Peace, Love, Respect)