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Christmas Hell

Hey everyone! I am releasing some satirical music for the holiday season... Today's release is called Christmas Hell. A fun little ditty about being trapped in a dungeon with all the Christmas favorites!


Check out the video! If you like it, don't forget to share, like and comment!

Happy Holidays everyone!

Cover of Universal Soldier

Hey everyone, Almost a month ago I posted a video of universal soldier that I wanted to share you with you all.



Hey everyone, My new album: "Dedicated To You" will be released on my website on November 15th 2014. If you are interested in a hard copy you can order them on my website as well. I am very excited about this album. It's got lots of different stories all bundled up... but most importantly its dedicated to all those who inspire me daily.

Christmas Album?

I have been contemplating doing a christmas album, however since Halloween has not passed yet I am still contemplating... we shall see. More news soon.

All Shook Up... all shook up!

Elvis is king...we all know this. But since I cannot live up to the king, I thought I would just turn the microphone on, record and see what happened! So this is what came out!

Enjoy a little bit of fun... and the song a little bit shaken but with no intentions to ruin the song!

You're On My Mind

So we all know that I refuse to talk about who is in my music, who inspired it and all that jazz... but this we can talk about.

I wanted to have a bit of a 90s feel to this song, and because I am clearly not a rapper, there had to be some fun embedded within it for me.

So you may not know who's on my mind, but you know what genre I had in mind. Let me be clear that, this "oh shit" response is super real... which is why when I wrote this song I thought... yea... it has to go on the deluxe album next to Robot Love.

Hope you enjoy it and it sticks in your heads!


DockDaisy's Song explained

If you haven't heard of Bertolt Brecht, that's okay. However, so you know - he is a German playwright who is very famous.

This Past Februrary, I was in Bertolt Brecht's The Resistible Rise of Arturo Ui, which was an allegorical play about the Rise of Hitler. I played Dockdaisy who a mob doll, close with one of Ui's Gang.

It was a great show and we are trying to remount it, and in order to get funds I wrote this song in a matter of minutes, since our campaign only has 7 days left.


This is the link, any donation counts. THANK YOU

For the Night's I Can't Remember Cover

This song holds a place very dear to my heart, and I used to play it all the time, its been almost a year since I played it last, and I wanted to post it to motivate those in my life who are having some trouble right now being motivated.

I hope this song brings them joy!


Been on vacation for the past 4 weeks - just trying to escape all the responsibilites for a while. I will be back soon refreshed and ready to get some songs up on the Deluxe Album.

Thanks to all those who have been downloading my music. means a lot

Deluxe Album of This Leaves the Room

So I had mentioned earlier that I was going to be releasing a deluxe album that was going to have songs that didn't make it on to the original album. This was supposed to be released today but I have come to the realizations that I cannot do that because there are certain things that have occurred in my life that will be and are inspiring songs and I would like to share these with you after my trip to Greece.

So the deluxe album is currently on hold