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Midnight Tea

"Midnight Tea is a unique piece of modern Americana with few equals, nor is it likely any will arise soon." A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark Tucker

It Takes A Lot To Laugh

5 out of 5 stars Impressive. Reviewer: Shaun Dale You'll have to go on-line (www.andyandrenee.com) to pick this one up, but if you're admirer of the songwriting skills of Bob Dylan (i.e., if you're alive and not deaf), then this tribute from the SoCal folkies Andy Hill and Renee Safier is worth the effort. Drawing on a wide chronological range of the Dylan songbook, Hill and Safier, accompanied by Marty Rifkin on bass, guitar and various slide variations, offer 14 straightforward interpretations. Their selection of material is impeccable and impressive, frequently departing from the obvious in order to include the excellent. Their ten years as a performing duo, and five previous albums largely devoted to Hill's songwriting, contribute to a fine intuitive sense of arrangement, with their voices weaving and blending in just the right ways in all the right spots. The duo has been throwing Bob Dylan birthday parties for as long as they've been singing together, inviting all comers to arrive in costume and join in the music. They may have trouble getting the sing-a-long going next year, because any guest who has heard this disc is likely to want to just sit back and hear more excellent interpretations from this talented pair. http://www.cosmik.com/aa-may01/reviews/review_andy_hill.html

It Takes A Lot To Laugh

5 out of 5 stars They got it right! ... A must have CD Reviewer: Claude Julien Rarely have I heard two quality musicians with such beautiful voices. Of all the Bob Dylan Tributes, this one ranks on top. It's relatively easy to play Bob, but to play Bob WELL, that's another story! They got it right, It's a must have CD. Don' t hesitate, you'll listen to it, over and over. CJ

It Takes A Lot To Laugh

"...Safier's voice oft drips with an aching sensitivity filtered through delicate beauty and a fragility that would break and disappear in less capable hands...Hill's cuts drenched in prairie sod, the workingman's lament, and a salt-of-the-earth sprechestimme..So what about Marty Rifkin? Jesus, but this guy knows the depths of his art and instruments dead cold, nailing colorative and side-lead aspe's highly reminiscent of Red Rhodes. He cuts in witheringly arresting lines, fills, and incidentals. His dobro playing is heavenly and that pedal steel... A review written for the Folk & Acoustic Music Exchange by Mark Tucker

A River Is Gone

"…It's an excellently written album as Andy Hill is rapidly becoming a songwriter to watch… Another wonderful effort... Renee has never sounded better vocally. Highly recommended!" http://thehereandthere.net/music-reviews/entry?id=1