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Last Supper welcomes back one of their own

Last year about this time, our bassist, Cliff Barvoets, was stricken with a debilitating disease which has still baffled doctors and specialists to this day. Cliff was admitted to the hospital and for over a month was put through agonizing tests everyday. MRI's, Cat scans, Spinal Taps and blood tests. Still the doctors and specialists had no idea what was ailing him. They've never seen this before in any other patients . The community, friends and loved ones stood by him and prayed in his time of need, that he would get better soon. Last Supper did a benefit show last June 16th 2012, with ALL proceeds going to Cliff to help with medical expenses which began to pile up. A donation website, www.giveforward.com/cliff was set up by guitarist Dave Zahara, which also pulled in thousands more dollars by friends and fans of Cliff's. There was also a biker run for Cliff and another person in the community that was very sick. They raised thousands also. We have never seen such a beautiful out pouring of love and support by people who knew him and didn't know Cliff personally. I'm so proud of the Colorado Springs community, for showing me that there is still humanity in this world, despite the hardships of your own lives and of a bad economy. Well because of you folks who stepped up and prayed for him and his family for over a year and who followed and posted messages to the Cliff note page created by our great friend, Triton Gulczynski, our prayers have been answered. Cliff has slowly regained his strength and ability to move his legs and he had an operation to fix his toes and feet in hopes he could get around on his own again. It is with great pleasure, that we can announce that Cliff will rejoin his band mates in Last Supper for this years annual Last Supper bash at the Union Station Saturday, August 17th 2013. This will be a great night indeed, so please come out and show your support for Cliff, by far the strongest man I've ever known, and support your local metal scene also. A special thanks goes out to Randy and the staff at the Union Station for keeping it real through some very trying years and the bands who will be playing with us this night, Pain Machine, Darkness Within and the Dub Project. This will be a night to remember for many years to come. Thanks and much love to you all, Cliff Barvoets and *Last Supper* \m/

Patricia Howard
Patricia Howard  (almost 4 years ago)

very good news \m./\m/