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hard on the grind/shining bright/yet hard to find


bonafide/certified in this life I lead/dealin' with these/fakes all in my face/they fall by the wayside/this walkin' inferno/burns'em alive/bonafide/tried and true/heatmiser comn thru


the sky is blue/and my gunz are hot/my mic too/now i'm ready to rock/with my untouchable force/hit like 808/I am the one to watch/tougher than leather/got a license to ill/naughty by nature/so i can't wait to fade ya/quick like dj on the mix and cut/call me jam master,when i'm rippin' it up


welcome to the ghetto/where hot onez echo/we sufferin' to get the cash/shoot up the joint,just to prove a point/it stay gritty/filthy/tired of lint in my pocket/tryin' to see profits/so,that bull u tryin' to pull/stop it/watch it/these bladz is choppin'

The Spark

I'm the spark,that starts the flame,that turns into a blaze,then becomes a ragin' inferno,watch me burn bro.