Who Am I

I am that little girl who grew up with her mother sitting by the hi fi playing the sounds of BB King, Candi Staten, Patti Labelle, Bobby Womak, War, Betty Wright, Mother's Finest, and the music of many many other great singers and bands, constantly mimicking the vocals of these powerful artists, mastering what has become the sound of Simply T.....Soulfully old school with a new school flavor. I am the lady who decided to do what I love, because it will always be a great part of who I am...Music....I live it, I breathe it, I create it, I perform it. It's what I turn to when I need to find my happy place, and what I use to help others find their own...music is pure therapy....music is love.


Finally you will get the opportunity to hear my new single "IT TAKES MORE" before its official release date. Stay tuned tomorrow for an opportunity to hear it.... Turn on your computer speakers because you're gonna need it to hear this hot and I mean hot new single!!!

New Single Release

Excited about releasing my newest single "It Takes More" on April 27th. It is definitely a hot one!!!....It will be available to purchase on CD Baby, ITunes, and Amazon... I will also be performing it during my show on the same date of release.....The count down begins!!

My Journey

My music journey, has not been the easiest so far, but I know that I must press on. The challenges of finding the people who enjoy your music and are willing to support you can be a challenge even when you're putting out a good product. Although there are those who are not willing to support you or will even bother to take the time to listen to what you have to offer, unless you have fame and fortune, there are still millions there will. With time and persistence, eventually that audience that are willing, will be found. As an independent artist, each day has its new challenges that we must work through in order to acheive the success that we all so desire. The constant rejection, the setbacks, and many obstacles that we encounter throughout our journey, only make us stronger, and more determined to press forward in order to acheive what each of consider our own level of success. My journey will continue despite and I will someday soon reach my destination....Stay Blessed. Simply T

Dahlene Browne Paasewe
Dahlene Browne Paasewe  (about 1 year ago)

Keep on keepin on, Girl. I like your music


I am feeling super-excited about debuting my new single "It Takes More" February 16th at my show at The Evening Muse in Charlotte.. This is gonna be a hot one and one of the best ones yet. I'm more than confident it's gonna be a big hit.

First Show 2014 and future opportunities

I am feeling pretty blessed about the opportunities that I'm being blessed with this year. I'm having my first show of 2014 on Feb. 16, I have the opportunity to perform at 9 Lounge in Brooklyn, NY, radio interviews, will possibly be touring across seas...the doors are definitely opening and I am stepping through as many as I can.


Pretty happy about releasing my new single Underestimated, one of my greatest creations yet. This is a song that I feel that will take my audience back to when music was really music. I look forward to all the feedback. This let's me know that I'm reaching my audience in the that I've intended.


It's another day, another day that I once again gain a great accomplishment. I have finally reached the top 10. Exciting to know that I'm gaining a great listening audience who will continue to appreciate the music that I create for them. I am almost at the completion of writing all the songs for my soon to be released album. Another milestone to be completed very soon. Looking forward to seeing how my fans react to what I have instore for them. Until then, I hope that my fans continue to enjoy Don't Waste No Time.


It's pretty exciting seeing how my fans are growing as I move up the charts. To know that people are actually enjoying music that I've created brings me the most wonderful joy. I plan to continue to bring good music to my fans with topics that anyone can relate to...Bringing back what music used to be but with a modern touch is what I do.


It's nice to have such a wonderful team working with me on my music career. My manager Z Davis, my great producers 21Soul and K.A.D.A, my stylist Styles by Q (Quishauna Hairston), my jewelry designer UniquelyKe" Designs (Rakesha Glenn), my supportive family in Winston-Salem, NC, as well as the rest of my Shatterproof family...Love you all and thanks!!!