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Tracking for Our EP

Entered by Jaiden: Good morning! Today we are tracking drums for our EP. The boys are sound checking and I am working on our websites. haha We have been working tirelessly to finish our EP. We all collaborated on my original material that I wrote last year when I was working on a Pop music project with Fred Vail in Nashville,TN. At the time, Fred was really grilling me on writing as many hits as possible. I was writing about 7 songs a week and worked my hardest to impress him(since he was the one who really discovered the Beach Boys worked with artists like BB King and Johnny Cash). It was hard to impress him but he seems to like my tunes. The boys and I are really trying to bring a fresh sound to the music scene. We are all about bringing a positive message to people. This project is tons of fun and I can't wait for you to hear it!