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Preparing for a recital

Today I did some practicing for a recital that's coming up in January. I still have to memorize the first movement of a Beethoven piano sonata. It's a beautiful sonata. I'm also playing Jeux d'Eau by Maurice Ravel. It should be a fun recital. It will probably be mostly parents and my piano students, but that's ok. I play the organ every Sunday at church, and that's a good bit of performance. And I'm getting paid to do it. I teach piano to about 40 students and play on Sunday. That's a pretty good career I'd say. But there is part of me that wants to do more. That's where solo piano music comes in. I've always wanted to be a pianist. I love to record my music and put it on the internet. My mac has helped me so much in that way. It makes it so easy to publish what I want to the web and share it with people. One day my fiancee and I were at the Natick Mall, and I asked her if she wanted to go visit the Apple store there. She said yes, and we went and say the MacBook, with iLife in it. When we saw all that the MacBook could do, my fiancee said, "This has everything you want to help you do everything you want to do." What she meant was, I've been wanting to do some writing, recording, and art projects. Now I can enjoy a rich life of recording and filming my own performances, and publish them to the internet. I've just added a couple videos that I filmed today, one about Beethoven, and the other with performances of Chopin and Ravel, with me doing some narration. You can watch these videos here on reverb nation, on My Space, and on You Tube. Check them out, I think you'll like them!

What A Day

Today I'm sitting at home, relaxing by the tv, watching the Patriots beat the tar out of the Arizona Cardinals. Its been an interesting day. We've been getting snow here in New England like crazy. It just won't stop snowing. Me and my fiancee were supposed to to to two parties today, but the weather already cancelled one for us, and it will probably cancel the other one, too. I love the snow, but I don't really like shoveling it. It's been nice to have the extra time at home, though. I've been practicing the piano for an upcoming recital in January. For those of you who are in New England, it's going to be at the Worcester Polytechnic Institute in Worcester, Massachusetts. I will be playing classical solo piano. I will play either a Beethoven Sonata, or the great Partita in B flat by J.S. Bach. I know the Partita very well, but I am still learning the Beethoven. If I can get the rest of the Beethoven Sonata learned by January 24th, I will perform that instead of the Partita. I have been playing the Partita for years, and am getting a little tired of it. I was listening to and watching a movie the other day, about one of the most interesting musicians to me, Glenn Gould. I've read a couple books about him, and have read a lot of other things about him. It was called Glenn Gould:On and Off the Record. He didn't act as crazy off the record as I've always heard. It makes me wonder how much of the stories are true. It makes me wonder how much of a marketing genius Gould was. Its no secret that he did certain things to twit the press, and the critics. It's kind of like that saying, "I don't care what you say about me, as long as you spell my name right." Gould looked relaxed, happy, and focused. He was joking around the entire time during the recording session that was taped. And the sound engineers in the studio were talking and joking around while Gould was playing. They were more concerned about whether their coffee had cream and sugar in it than if the levels were set right in the studio. And Gould was not sitting at the reel-to-reel with a razor blade, ready to edit the daylights out of the tape. He did a take of the first movement of the Italian Concerto one day and had done a take or two the day before. And he was satisfied with one of those takes. There was no aloof artist in evidence on this film. He looked normal and happy. And he wasn't wearing a scarf and gloves in the middle of the summer either. He did ask the taxi cab driver to roll his window up, and he did take his shoes off to pedal the Bach, but his famous chair looked well upholstered. It wasn't tattered or shoddy looking. In conclusion, I don't think Gould was as crazy as his marketers or he wanted people to think. I'm glad the Patriots won today. Hopefully they will make it to the playoffs. Go Pats!

New tracks for sale!

I have new tracks for sale here in Snocap. Check them out!

A great weekend

What a great weekend this last weekend was. All I did yesterday was sit and watch television, and it was great. Everyone needs a break once in a while, right? My favorite football team, The New England Patriots, won their game against the Miami Dolphins. Today I also have a day off from work. I will go to Boston and have a piano lesson with my teacher. I am really looking forward to it.


I don't naturally gravitate towards the music of Beethoven and Mozart. I would rather play romantic through late romantic piano music. I love opera, but obviously, I can't play that on the piano. I think if I were going to choose a vibe for my music, it would be a peaceful one. I don't want to play in a rock band, even though I love rock music. I love music that is peaceful, that brings me peace. I love old music, but not too old. I love Chopin, Rachmaninoff, Scriabin, and jazz music, like John Coltrane and Bill Evans. I'm not too crazy about avant garde jazz or classical, although, I do like John Cage a lot. I'm going to be doing some gigs in December. The 6th and 7th, and the two following weekends. I will make sure to post where and what time I'm performing exactly. I will play classical music for about half an hour at each gig. I will probably play some Chopin Etudes and Rachmaninoff Preludes, and some music by Ravel. I love impressionistic music too. Well, that's all for right now, but please stay tuned and check out my new tracks! Peace.

Had a good week

I had a good week this past week. I've been doing a lot of recording lately. I probably should be practicing the piano more. I plan to do more of that this next week. I do a lot of playing though. I am a church organist, and plan to do some recordings on the organ at the church where I play. I also play a lot during the week while I'm teaching my piano students. I am excited about that project. I would like to sit down and actually practice the piano for about two hours a day, but with all of the playing and teaching I do, its hard to find time. I do have a recital coming up in January, though, that I need to be practicing for. I'm trying to learn a new Beethoven Sonata for that recital, but I'm not sure if its going to get finished by January. I have been working really hard on my website and my recordings, but should have more time for the Beethoven this week. Its not a particularly long sonata. Its Op. 90, for those of you who know the opus numbers. Its a beautiful sonata. The first movement is very tempestuous, and the second movement is just sublime. When I finish learning it and feel comfortable with it, I will record it, and post it on this website. By the way, please visit my official website at http://web.me.com/bryaneyberg/Site/Blog/Blog.html when you get a chance. Also, you can hear many of my recordings at www.myspace.com/bryanceyberg. Talk to you soon! Bryan