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Baby Love (long story ending in discounted music)

So...I love music. and I really love getting to perform music, so often (!), and for so many people (oh, and for my parents...at every show). But more than any of that I love my baby boy, Alistair, who is terrible/terrific two years old. It's hard sometimes to figure out how to keep the music momentum going, while being the mom I want to be, but it's also pretty amazing when it all comes together. I've had the honor to make two little records this year, and each one has a song specifically for my little bug...the first album, "Grateful Moon" (oh, it's been available since April on iTunes, CD Baby, Amazon, etc...) is a covers album, and so I chose to do the song I sing every day, at least twice, to put the little man down for sleeping time, "Baby Mine" - originally from Dumbo. The second album isn't out yet...so we'll talk about that another day. Anyways...the point of this is, I am feeling very grateful for the chance to do so many things I love, and in that spirit, I wanted to do some sharing! I am making "Baby Mine" available for digital download for 50 cents! Or 45 cents, I can't remember...but it's basically just a teeny tiny amount of change to download a song that is perfect for some baby snuggles, or to listen to if you need a nap yourself! Do you want me to come over and read you "Goodnight Moon"? Go to www.bandcamp.sarahmorris.com and download "Baby Mine", and enter the special code - bug - at checkout to get half off the original download price. Put people to sleep all over your house! Hmmm..... But seriously, checkout bandcamp - it's a pretty great site! Have a great day! Sarah ps...the special code is bug

Music for Sale! Music for Sale! iTunes style!

Just wanted to let you all know that "Grateful Moon" is now available for purchase at iTunes. Yay! You can just go to this link right now: http://itunes.apple.com/us/album/grateful-moon/id434915301 and preview the songs, buy the songs, buy the whole album, what have you...CDs are being pressed right now (well, today is a Saturday, so maybe not...) and will be available for $10 in the next 2 weeks. Yay! AND if you do go and listen to the album, maybe you would be kind enough to leave a comment? I feel like it does something good, like moves me up in the rankings or something like that...

The crazy lady who sings to herself in the park...

I almost hate to say this outloud (because I am a bit superstitious), but I have been on a roll lately with songwriting. Whether or not the songs are any good, who knows, but what I do know is that they are coming to me faster, and in nice big fat song chunks and I love it! The one thing is, since my little lovebug Alistair isn't a fabulous napper (that's putting it mildly), and he also isn't interested in sitting around while mommy plays guitar, the only time I can really work on my songs is when we are in the car, or out on walks. So I end up running and pushing my human-baby in the jogging stroller, whilst being pulled by my large fur-baby Lenny, and singing to myself. I can only imagine this looks a bit crazy...but if it means I am writing more, I can live with looking crazy...

In the studio!!!

I am currently at Waterbury Studios in NE Minneapolis, getting ready to start Day 2 of recording vocals and guitars for my new CD. Yay! Let me tell you a little bit about my new recording project...We've (my family and I) have talked about putting together a covers project, since as much as I love writing and singing my own tunes, I also LOVE singing other writers' fantastic songs. SO... Two weeks ago, I fortified myself with some cocktails (because I HATE flying), and headed off to LA for a little whirlwind of an adventure, recording the base tracks for 6 songs. Well, I mainly witnessed the recording of the tracks, but I sang along the whole time! It was so amazing to sing along with Bruce Becker on drums, Rich Easmes on piano, and Bob Magnusson on acoustic bass! STAND-UP BASS! YayYayYay!!! Can you tell I love me some stand-up bass? So, another cocktail brought me back to Minneapolis, and now I am Waterbury Studios (check it out at www.waterburystudios.net), with my buddy Eric Blomquist engineering, and the fantastically talented David Becker producing and playing guitars. AND then I get to sing, sing, sing! Some standards, a little R & B, some country, and a lullaby, and one original for good luck! WooHoo!

New Web SIte

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