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Radio Airplay!

~Be Sure to Tune in or Request~ "Make Believe" on KXRL Radio Los Angeles, California USA www.kxrl-radio.com/losangeles8 KEDG Radio Sydney, Australia www.kedg-radio.com/sydney8 KHSX Radio Houston, Texas USA www.khsx-radio.com/houston8 WLDN Radio London, United Kingdom www.wldn-radio.com/london8 WMIC Radio Miami, Florida USA www.wmic-radio.com/miami8 KSPR Radio San Francisco, California USA www.powerfm-radio.com/sanfrancisco8 KBPR Radio Boston, Massachusetts USA www.powerfm-radio.com/boston8 KPPR Radio Paris, France www.powerfm-radio.com/paris8 KRPR Radio Rome, Italy www.powerfm-radio.com/rome8 KMPR Radio Manila, Philippines www.powerfm-radio.com/manila8 KHTL Los Angeles, California USA www.hotfm-radio.com/losangeles8 KHTP Phoenix, Arizona USA www.hotfm-radio.com/phoenix8 KHTS Shanghai, China www.hotfm-radio.com/shanghai8 KHTI Istanbul, Turkey www.hotfm-radio.com/istanbul8 KHTB Buenos Aires, Argentina www.hotfm-radio.com/buenosaires8 A-Pulse Radio- Atlanta, Georgia Pulse 200 XR www.pulse200.com/atlanta8 C-Pulse Radio- Capetown, South Africa Pulse 200 XR www.pulse200.com/capetown8 J-Pulse Radio- Jakarta, Indonesia Pulse 200 XR www.pulse200.com/jakarta8 M-Pulse Radio- Mumbai, India Pulse 200 XR www.pulse200.com/mumbai8 S-Pulse Radio- Seoul, South Korea Pulse 200 XR www.pulse200.com/seoul8

Sound Cloud

Hey Everyone! we got some live versions hanging on over at Sound Cloud. http://soundcloud.com/puddle-theory . Check it out if you'd like! Thanks~ Puddle Theory

Puddle Theory

The Universe gets created by a drop of water in a puddle. waves out, and gets replaced by the next drop!


Working up on Finalizing CuWu with Vocals. should be within the week!

Fine Tuning!

We are Eager to put more Music up to be Heard. On the Other side is we are also Perfectionists. We Just have to Touch up some Vocal's! Hopefully Sooner then Later. We Will Have More Tunes up ! ~ Andrew of Puddle Theory