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God had a problem. There was a world full of people whom He loved, who were separated from Him. God’s one and best chance to bring the separated ones back to Him was His only Son Jesus. Jesus came into the world to pay a big mean master. This big mean master is called Sin. The payment Sin wanted was death. Death means separation, both physical and spiritual. So Jesus lived to be 33 years old, the number of completion, and He never sinned once. He never made the big mean master His master. So this made it possible for Jesus to die for the people. Death is like money. Jesus now had the ability to pay Sin with death. Since Jesus never sinned Himself, He did not pay for Himself. So this means that He paid for others. When the perfect Christ had the sins of the world placed in His body on the tree, it was like the world was dying on the cross, and paying off Sin. And Jesus was that world. Since Christ never sinned and earned His death, He rose from the dead. It was impossible for Jesus to stay dead. Whoever chooses to disbelieve this happy news, still has a big mean master, and you will have to pay this big mean master one day with your own death, which is separation from God. But whoever believes in the work of Jesus on the cross has eternal life, and shall never die. Do you believe this?

Have You Heard?

Have You Heard? Ephesians 3:2. Have you heard about the administration of God’s grace that was given to Paul for you? This is a strange sentence, isn’t it? What does this mean? Well, let me give my opinion on the matter so you can either accept or reject it. I want to know if you’ve heard about some really good news. I want to know if anyone has ever told you something very important. I want to know if you listened to the person who tried to tell you. I want to know if you started hearing it, but you stopped because you thought that you knew what they were going to say. Maybe some preconceived notion stopped you from giving audience. Maybe someone told you something wrong and you rightfully stopped listening. I’d like for you to give me a chance to tell you something that you may never have heard of, something wonderful for you. God gave Paul a story that is very easy to understand, and at the same time, very deep. Paul had been given the Gospel, and he dispensed it to the world. This is the story of your need, God’s meeting your need, and your reception of God’s provision. Paul was the first person that God revealed this mystery to. God did this for you. Let me tell you the mystery. First of all, we all need forgiveness. This is a fact, whether or not we believe it. We need forgiveness because we have done wrong, at one time or another. If you think you have never done wrong, you may as well stop reading now. Second of all, God has provided our forgiveness through the actions of a Person. We could never earn forgiveness, and so God sent Jesus to earn our forgiveness for us. This is the meaning of the grace of God. Grace means undeserved kindness, and it is found in Jesus. Jesus the Christ is our representative before God. We could not affect our own forgiveness, so Jesus took the punishment we deserved. He was born of a virgin and so started the human race anew, without sin! Jesus lived the only good life. A religious person cannot believe this. Even the average Joe thinks he’s going to Heaven because he is good. But the fact is, all have sinned and have fallen short of the glory of God. Only Jesus is good. Good Jesus died in our place and received our punishment when he bore our sins. He rose from the dead and verified everything He said and did. He alone conquered death. Third of all, how do we receive all this good stuff? Is it by becoming religious? No! Is it by trying to earn forgiveness and denying all that Jesus has done? No! Is it by pushing all this out of our minds and ignoring our need? No! This is how to receive forgiveness and a new life. All you have to do is believe the story. When you believe that Jesus died for your sins and rose again, you are completely forgiven, no matter how you feel. Your happy ending is certain, and this knowledge will help you overcome the hardships of life. All you must do is continue to believe, and God will do the rest. This is the message that was given to the apostle Paul for you.

The Cell

The human cell is so complex that it cannot be explained to a audience of doctors, lawyers, and so on. Only those who spend their lives devoted to this field of science can only partially understand it. Here is a simplistic explanation of the cell. It contains more information on a microscopic level than man, with all his technology, can condense. Man cannot condense information like the human cell can. The cell then transcribes that information. It writes it down like someone who copies a book. Then the cell translates the information, like someone translates one language into another. After this, the cell builds, or constructs the information. The results of this process are eyes, which are better than a camera, ears which are better than a tape recorder, and a brain that is far more complex than a wall of super computers. It is clear that this system was designed. Only a willfully blind person would deny this. They deny this, not because of scientific reasons, but because of fear. If they understood the Gospel of Jesus, they would not be afraid. Instead, they would be happy there is a God. They would realize that God is not against them. The mystery of godliness is great. God appeared in a body. He was seen by angels. He lived the only perfect life, and then laid down that life for the world. He bore our sins in His body on the tree, and rose from the dead on the third day. He ascended to Heaven. He will return one day. If someone simply believes this story, he is saved. If you, my reader, will admit that you’ve done wrong, believe that Jesus washes away your sins, and trust Him to take care of you, you can rest assured that one day you will stand with Jesus in glory. If you reject this happy news, if you would rather not be with God in the here and now, then don’t expect to be with Him in the there and then.