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Don't Panic!

hey folks. Some of you may have noticed that really bright ball up in the sky today and may be asking yourselves such questions as "is THAT the Rapture?" or "what is this sensation I'm feeling that's not cold and damp? Is there a word for that?" Well everyone, we here at the My Oh Mys are here to tell you that the strange fiery ball is NOT a vengeful God, a sign of the apocalypse or an acid flashback. It is in fact THE SUN. Here are a couple helpful tips for our fellow Oregonians when attempting to interact with THE SUN:

1) don't throw things at it. We know you may be frightened or confused but throwing things never solved anything except maybe marital problems (according to the Old Testament anyways...)

2) don't stare at it. While there is no scientific proof that staring at THE SUN is harmful to you in any way, there is substantial evidence that staring in general IS RUDE. Just ask my Grandma.

3) don't sacrifice anything to it. We understand the temptation of course, perfectly reasonable, but sadly there is again no scientific data to support the hypothesis that THE SUN accepts sacrifices of any kind to gain its favor. Besides, your kids really aren't THAT bad.

We hope you found these tips helpful. Enjoy the Sunshine. Sincerely,

The My Oh Mys

ps: shows and new records and stuff!!


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