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Crank it up

Oh what can I say- this is a fabulous pub band- tight and loud, we play ROCK till you drop all night! I am knackered when we finish everytime....Phil on bass, Trev on axe, Rod on vocals...... Watch out for us- we may be near you soon- Lock up the daughters and call the police....Crank it up....... we are near!

Happy Millionaire

I have played with this band and recorded with them- A great band who play and write their own stuff- its passionate, energetic and alive with soul! Bundy on Vocals, Gary on bass and Mel on axe!


Playing with Equinox.

I always like playing with this band, Danny on axe and lead Vocals, belts out some stunning numbers - playing tunes from U2 to Santana......we work well as a team! Band members, Ronnie on axe,and Levi on bass.

Scratch The Monkey

Scratch have just emerged from recording an 8 demo cd- a collection of classic tunes that are always called for at functions and may I say we play really well! join us and let us update you with venues and times that you can see us LIVE!