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Musician Local to Biddeford area?

Ketchfish & Friends is a loose live performance collaboration. If you're interested in being added to the call list for gigs, email me (Tom) at ketchfish@hotmail.com. Include link to a sound file, video or two and contact information.

Eccentric Expectations today

1:30 to 3:30 on the Plaza in downtown Kennebunk. Hope to see you there! Eccentric Expectations is the new 3 piece group.

Collaboration Musings

The concept of bringing in different lineups at shows is working out very well. The focus required to fly by the seat of our pants has really brought out some inspired performances so far. I've been careful in adding musicians to my call list, picking experienced folks that I can trust to turn in an inspired performance and I think that is the key. I had never worked with Al Ward before yesterday but he came highly recommended and exceeded my expectations. Leo Chalmers and Kevin Byron I have worked with extensively over the years and they were challenged, as I was, to turn in truly inspired performances yesterday. Steve Chumsae and Ray Braxton I have worked with in the past and were spot on throughout the show that got us front page coverage in the local newspaper. If you're a musician local to the area and are interested in joining the list, let's talk. If you have a venue or performance opportunity for me, let me know. The loose collaboration experiment is really taking flight and I couldn't be happier with the outcome so far. Down the road a few years, I intend on setting up short tours, traveling by myself and hooking up with local musicians for performances. I'm starting my contact list now so I can get it rolling when the time comes. If it sounds like something you'd be interested in, let me know.

Seek venue for open mic

Tom "Ketchfish" Inglis is seeking a venue to establish a new weekly acoustic open mic in the Biddeford area. I can provide small PA and am willing to do a trial run to get it started. The billing would be "Ketchfish and Friends" and I will provide social media promotion, a small supply of printed materials and actively perform and manage the recurring event to optimize it's value to the venue.

Off to a good start

Brightwater Blues once again defied the odds and successfully played a rain-free performance in downtown Kennebunk yesterday. 2 years, many outdoor shows, 0 rain-outs.

2014 News

Upcoming performances May 31-Bebe's Burritos and Cantina, Biddeford June 14 - Kennebunk on the Plaza July 12 - Kennebunk on the Plaza August 3 - Bacon Street Festival, Biddeford August 9 - Bebe's Burritos and Cantina, Biddeford August 23 - Kennebunk on the Plaza October 11 - Harvest Festival - Kennebunk

Outdoor Concert Season ends Saturday

It's been a good season from the private parties to the various public events. One last chance to see Brightwater Blues outside this year on Saturday at the Kennebunk Harvest Fest. We will be playing 1-3 PM on the Plaza in Downtown Kennebunk. It's also your last chance to sign up in person on our email list so you can get a free download of our single "Deep Blues". Set list is ready, PA is tweaked and the order has been placed with the weather man. See you in Kennebunk tomorrow!

Bebe's Burritos and Downtown Kennebunk

Brightwater Blues will be appearing at Bebe's Burritos mid-month and downtown Kennebunk for an outdoor show at the end of August. More details to follow. Also, don't miss The KetchFish Band and Billy Billy at the Bacon Street Festival on Aug 4th!

Lots of new stuff!

Good rehearsal on Tuesday and we've got a lot of new material in store for our next show. Our sound is becoming more diverse with the addition of Tim Spaulding to the line-up. It's an exciting challenge to me to learn to better complement his bluegrass/folk style and I suspect to him as he embraces my dirt floor barroom approach. Mostly bringing on new covers but we're also excited about getting more original songs into the repertoire as our band identity diverges from The KetchFish Band. Bebe's will be an exciting show.

Speaking of The KetchFish Band, we're also adding repertoire including some really cool stuff that Billy and Elissa are bringing to the table after our brief hiatus. I was inspired by last week's KFB rehearsal and have and have an arrangement for a triple vocal and horn-line inspired harmonized guitar part piece to add - hopefully before our annual Bacon Street appearance. Working on it now.

Tim Spaulding

Kennebunk resident, guitar whiz and singer Tim Spaulding joined us at rehearsal last night, bringing a bluegrass sensibility to our sound. He will be performing with us in Portland Friday evening and I'm optimistic we'll be formalizing his relationship with the band. He's got some great originals and arrangements in his repertoire and passed the "stump the potential new guy" competition with flying colors.