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Taking over Anaheim!

Last Night was our Anaheim debut at the famous Ranch Saloon in Anaheim. What a venue! Probably the nicest we've played so far. Our very own Green Room, equipped with a huge tv, stocked fridge, very own servers and fantastic dinner. Now that's a way to spend the hours before a gig. The Ranch is a large dance hall - let me clarify - line dance hall. They pack the house every weekend. EVERY weekend. Yes, we were the new kids in town, but the lovely audience/dancers/regulars made us feel very welcome. We hope to be back soon at The Ranch. Very soon.

First Country Night at The Lighthouse

Good times went down this last Tuesday at Hermosa Beach's Lighthouse Cafe - having their First official Country Tuesday! The crowd was loving it as much as us! We'll be back on Aug 27th for another great night of rockin' Country tunes...until then, our friends Southbay Country will keep the stage warm & whiskey flowing on Aug 20th!