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Gifted Hands

Our hands are gifted; it’s not a matter of choice. Everyone is meant to archive every single thing he/she determines to archive in life, it’s not just what we declare, and it’s how we put into action, with our hands, our gifted hands. When I came across the story of Dr. Ben Carson, I don’t know if you know him or remember who I’m talking about? He is the doctor with gifted hands, made by God, though he was the dumbest when he was in high school, but he developed in no time, although he couldn’t do it alone but with the help of his mother and God, he was able to catch up with his school mates. So many times he was mocked, he felt ashamed and depressed, he even confirmed to himself and to his mother that he was the dumbest of all, but his mother made him take back his words, simply by helping him out do his home work immediately after school, sending him and his brother to the library, carrying up his books in his hands everywhere he goes.

Now he made it through high school with good grades and moved to college, making it well and graduating with an “A”. Now he’s now one of the most recognized Neurosurgeons ever, the first doctor who operated on the Rausch twins from Germany, who were among the 1st, five set of the craniopagus twins ever operated on successfully without losing any. Every time Dr. Ben was out of hope, his mother always get him back up simply with her beloved quote, saying, “You can do anything anyone else can do, only you can do it better”. How about that uhn? I know dreams sometimes takes so long to be archived, sometimes you get discouraged by people, how situations gets unfair with you, making it seem everything is not working, you work on something today and tomorrow it disappoints, you feel like it’s not the same you who did it before, and would never be able to do it again. It happens like that, yeah I know, I felt the same way when I tried working on a project, I spent a fortune of my time on, at first when I had no vision on that project, I couldn’t do anything, I felt my hands weren’t meant to be what I’ve always believed they were meant to be. I had to ask people for assistance just to make it work successfully, but was turn down. I was so devastated, I kept thinking for days, on and on, then suddenly when I came across Dr. Ben Carson’s story, I had the new me, I gain the real me, I made research, I prayed and before I knew it, I got it all figured out and made it happen, even those I went to meet for help were amazed and gave their respects, it took me time and hard work to figure it out all by myself, but I still got to the peak of my labour. Had to put everything I read in place with my hands, my gifted hands and with the help of God. All I am saying is, in everything you do, put God first, I always tell my brother, “It takes time to be good in something, sometimes you feel perfect, but in the end, all you get form people, is respect. Never look down on yourself, have your confidence intact, and always remember, “Many dreams could be archived with your hands, because they are gifted”. You can either do something good with them, or you could do badly with them, it’s your choice to make, and not mine. You choose……………. Thank you………