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Been a Minute

wassup reverb.... been a long minute since ive done a blog.. like a year and some change.. so Updates are in order!!!!

well leme start off by saying i have been taking my time finding my voice, style and sound, and the right team.. and i Feel i finally have it... I am actually going to be the new Artist to Super Producer - Epik The Dawn's Label Grindstone Music Group (GMG) .... cant wait for yall to hear the new stuff

next... leme say i am in love with my fans, friends and family who have been riding hard with me from day one!!! trust me you guys will get what you you want soon enough

i will try to keep you more updated on the progress as the Journey unfolds!!!

i love yall

make sure yall check out my yutube page www.youtube.com/mojama87 and Follow me on Twitter @JStavo

Debut performance

i am excited as hell... my first performance as a Solo artist...My journey begins... i am a litle nervous only because it is a big music conference and its gonna be a good look to start getting a fan base all over the world austin here i come