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PREME BIO Hailing from Victoria, VA Terrell N. Wilkerson better known to the hip hop world as Preme (Hot Charlie Nickelz) was born April 1, 1976. At an early age he fell in love with the art of rap and first began displaying his skills with a family based go-go band consisting of two of his cousins from Washington DC. The humble beginning actually came due to the fact that Preme was introduced to the go-go sound by two natives and had trouble duplicating the beats, so the kids choose him to be the voice. With a passion for rap music Preme quickly became a fan purchasing every rap album he could find and afford studying the techniques of all rap artist good and bad. Falling in love with the way rap artist like Big Daddy Kane just to name one of many put words to together Preme began writing lyrics and recorded his first song “Shoot to Kill” at the age of 13 with his cousin, local pioneer and world renowned producer Dee Jay Storm. Shortly after his first recording, Preme along with a few childhood friends started the group U.N.I. (Unique Niggas Inventing). The group made quite a name for their self battling all comers with artist like Killa Watts, K Nasty, Lil E Nasty, Boono Business, Marco, Decent, and a slew of others including the Forbidden Rebelz they dominating the local scene. Preme became known for his freestyle ability, showmanship, and hardcore lyrics. Throughout the years though the group never officially broke up they started going there on way. Preme found his self in trouble doing a few skid bids that cost him 22 months in a three year period. After doing a year straight in 2005 a refocus Preme emerged in 2006 ready to take the rap world by storm. Preme recorded a few songs initially with some local artist and after a dispute about the direction of the group Preme went solo focusing on his dream to start his own label Dojoflos. Looking for a new start an old but familiar face from U.N.I. re-appeared (K-Nasty) introducing Preme to the North Carolina scene and ultimately helping him produce VA to NC 2007. Preme followed this mixtape with Vintage Preme in 2008 and soon after had a meeting with Freekey Zekey President of Diplomat Records and CEO 730Dips, after the meeting Preme emerged the newest member of the 730 Dips. Preme then co-hosted 730 Radio with Killa Watts from 2008 to 2010 focusing on underground acts looking for break interviewing established artist as well sharing insight on the game. Reunited with former rap partner Killa Watts the two repping Dojoflos/ 730 Dips recorded the hood classic album Money Comes 1st in 2010. They followed that up with a February release of the mixtape Spazmattic in 2011. Preme then set out on his own with the creation of the mixtape Therapeutic Music in August of 2011. Returning to the lab a few months later Preme (Hot Charlie Nickelz) drop his second mixtape/ album Infinite Ammunition July 2012. The movement did not stop there with the release of The Best of Killa Watts and Preme September 2012. The future is looking bright with a number of new projects on the table, so keep your eyes open for Preme (Hot Charlie Nickelz).