Tuesday's Rain / Blog

We're on FACEBOOK!

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Just love this site....

These guys have really figured it out. I just spent thousands of dollars on our band website and even though it's a great tool, this site kicks ass. I could never have anticipated all the aspects and marketing tools these guys have presented. Just love knowing whose listening the most and what state their in, etc. I feel really connected to the folks that dig what we do, It has changed this experience for us and we can finally see some light at the end of the tunnel! Thanks for being in our world... All of you.... Cheers, Bob & The Boys

And so with the rain comes a cleansing...

One thing I love about the rain is that it forces me to stay inside and get some office work done. I'm way behind on my websites and posting vids, photos, updates, etc. The other thing I love about the rain is that it washes all the dirt, blood, pollen, pollutants, etc. down the drain. Fresh air is a rare commodity in Los angeles.... LET IT RAIN! Check out our new and improved website at: www.tuesdaysrain.com