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Tonight at 9:30pm we'll be kickin off a night of rock at PLUSH. We'll be celebrating the release of Blind Divine's new album, "Breathing Spell" along with Static Session, Ensphere and of course BLIND DIVINE!

We also wanted to share some of our new songs with you we just recorded yesterday over at Loveland! (This is out of our own pockets and not related to the prize we were supposed to receive from Fox 11) We recorded "Bitch Back Off" and "Drowning in Denial" and would love to hear your thoughts!

Over the next few months will be laying down "Attention", "Wet Dream Queen" and "Catch 22" also. We can't wait!

Winner of the 2009 Tucson Music Melee Popular Vote

Mozart's Sister was interviewed on Fox11 after earning the Popular Vote for the 2009 Tucson Music Melee! See the interview here: http://www.fox11az.com/video/index.html?nvid=392016&shu=1

We want to thank everyone who voted for our music video as well as everybody that helped us make it. Justin Wilson did a wonderful job shooting and editing our music video and we are so excited! Director - Justin Wilson Make-Up Artist - Rachel Dawkins Photographer - Charia Underwood Assistance - Jon Rustad

Missy, Christine, Sierra, Jennifer, Sara, Nikki, Caroline, Anne, James, and Tiesha. We know that the voting type of thing can be a real pain and we really appreciate everyone's support. As soon as we receive the 10 hours of studio time from Fox 11, we will begin recording our brand new songs that we have!!!

Thanks again to Fox 11 for the opportunity!


Ever been on the computer so long that your eyes hurt, your back hurts and it's becoming hazardous to your health. Don't tell anyone, but I'm still working---shhhhh....I have my own business and that means working crazy hours although I only send "work" e-mails during 9-5 hours etc...

Mozart's Sister is gearing up for some fun stuff. We are so psyched to get our finished version of our music video for Smoke Signals! Can't wait---hopefully I'm not making what we like to call "cymbal face" (not very cute I think)

This summer is gonna be a blast including Amy's big ol birthday in July!!! I have already hit this special age--Amy is the youngest in Moz Sis! Have any funny bday gift ideas?

On another music note--I am currently listening to the Yeah Yeah Yeahs new album. I love it! Does anyone have the Silversun PickUps album? Do you like it? I am thinking I might like that too?

Well---I think I am going to stop being a computer monkey--close down my InDesign/Photoshop/Firefox etc.... and chill w/ the cute kittycat! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Talk to you soon- Julie

Tired? What?

The past few weeks have been jam packed. We played the Cancer Relay at Sahuaro Highschool. Do any of you go there? It was windy and made for some hair stickage in the lip gloss, but also provided some natural cooling action as we jammed. Some of the highlights included McGruff Crime Fighting Puppydog in a Trenchcoat (What's really underneath that?) dancing and playing air guitar during Phil's solo. Some of the not so highlights was having my a$$ face the entire crowd walking/running around the track as we faced inwards in the football field. Not sure why it was like that ---but at least I tied my sweatshirt around my waist so there wasn't any coin slot happening! On a personal note my Grandma and Aunt both passed away from cancer and we were happy to help out a good cause.

The next week we played at the Forty Niner Country Club for the Taste of Tanque Verde School District. It was a georgous night and our friends Jim & Steve did the sound and our other friends Jumper played too! Jumper sounded GREAT! Everyone was nice and Amy even was able to play and still get to the Rock in time for another show! We're looking forward to next year.

Next on our to do list is finish up creating our second album. We love playing our latest song out called Drowning in Denial. It totally sticks in your head and I'm not just saying that. I actually woke up with it totally stuck in my head. I can't wait for everyone to hear it! Our music video for Smoke Signals is also in Post Production and we will let everyone and their Uncle Bob know when it's ready.



We love playing Tucson's Spring Club Crawl in downtown Tucson. There are so many awesome venues and performers! Mozart's Sister will be playing the Mountain/Zia stage at 8pm. Here is a new and improved map: 2009 Spring Club Crawl Map .

Zia/Mountain Stage

8 p.m.: Mozart’s Sister

9 p.m.: The Runaway Five

10 p.m.: Sunday Afternoon

11 p.m.: Skitn

Midnight: Rootz Underground (Jamaica)

Here is advice posted by Adam Kurtz on the Club Crawl social site:

The good news: By the next Club Crawl™ in October, there will be a big, beautiful new Fourth Avenue underpass connecting the two entertainment areas (Fourth Avenue and Congress Street). Also coming soon: a large, new parking garage next to Hotel Congress.

But, alas, the new underpass and parking garage won’t be finished in time for this Club Crawl™. In the meantime, here are some frequently asked questions regarding construction, street closures and parking.

How will the street closure affect traffic coming to Club Crawl™?

We close down Congress Street at noon to set up our outdoor stages. We then turn Broadway Boulevard into a two-way street between Fourth and Sixth avenues. Regular westbound traffic on Congress Street will resume at Sixth Avenue.

We highly recommend entering downtown either from the north via Stone Avenue, or from the south via Sixth Avenue, to avoid delays on that section of westbound Congress/Broadway.

With the underpass closed, how do I walk from Fourth Avenue to Congress Street?

The Fourth Avenue underpass remains closed, so if you are a pedestrian, the main way to go from Fourth Avenue to Congress Street is to take a five-minute walk down either Eighth Street or Seventh Street west to the Sixth Avenue underpass. Once you come up from the underpass, you will be at Toole Avenue, which is 1 1/2 blocks north of Hotel Congress and the east main entrance into the Club Crawl™ enclosure at Toole and Congress.

Where are the main entrances to Club Crawl™?

There are only two main entrances to Club Crawl™ this spring. The east entrance is at the corner of Fourth Avenue and Congress Street, and the west entrance is at Sixth Avenue and Congress. Each of these entrances will have plenty of people selling wristbands and admitting people into the event quickly.

Finally, where shall I park?

The closest big parking garage to Club Crawl™ is one block away, on the corner of Pennington Street and Sixth Avenue. The best way to access this garage is to 1) head south on Stone to Pennington, then east to the Scott Street entrance; or 2) to head north on Sixth Avenue to Pennington, then to the entrance. There are 750 parking spots here, and the price is only $2 for the entire night.

There are also 1,000 on-street parking meter spaces near Club Crawl™ that are free after 5 p.m. The La Placita garage, at Church Avenue and Jackson Street (one block south of Broadway), has an additional 500 spaces. With four other large parking garages nearby, the number of parking spaces downtown totals 14,000.

For more parking information, go to Tucson’s Parkwise site at parkwise.tucsonaz.gov. See you Saturday at 8!

Music Video for Smoke Signals coming soooon!!!

We just finished shooting a music video with LA Director Justin Wilson. The video was shot last week and is in post production. The video features many local extras who gave up their entire day to be in the video. I hope you enjoy it - it will for sure be on reverbnation. I will keep you posted. Phil

New Shows and Hi from Julie!

Hey guys!

I did a little bit of updating to our profile and added one of our new shows too! We're looking forward to a really rockin and fun Spring (although it feels like Spring most of the time in Tucson).

I hope everyone is doing alright - this is the time to really come together and let loose too!

Please send us suggestions about where to play or any other advice you have. We can't wait to record our new songs too! I love playing them at our shows (personally I think the harder the rock, the better) - Did I ever tell you that my bass pedal actually went through my drum once?! (At a show too!!) Yikes -

Talk to you soon- Julie

Our new CD shipped anywhere in the US for $8

Someone pointed out to us that on our myspace (www.myspace.com/mozartssister) our Cd The Girls We Followed Home is priced @ $8 plus shipping. They bought the cd but no shipping charges were billed. I am toooo damn lazy to change it - so for now - $8 shipped to you in the US!! 10 songs recorded here in Tucson - Enjoy until I change it lol!!! Phil

Reverbnation Artist of the week!!!!!

Thanks to all who helped us - check it out on the reverbnation.com hompage. Please tell everyone and Street team members -jump on the new missions!! Phil

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A Merry Christmas to all!!!

Plz be safe and ahppy and with someone you luv! Phil