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My 'Big Idea'

So you have heard it before. It was the first song I posted from my new album and its been in the making for over a year. Brian and I do take our time, but we do wanna get it right! However I'm so excited because today I have got the mixed version. It been done by an awesome mix engineer called Steve Evans and its really great to have him on board.

This song has loads of meaning for me but not because of what its written about. Ok, so I do love the content and the feeling of girl power it gives me when I sing it. Its pretty much about me saying 'If your not gonna give it, well then honey...you aint gonna get it'. But the reason why I love it so much is that it gave me a new direction. Two years ago when I first tried this 'solo idea' I wasn't really sure where I was going. I'd written quite a few songs, even recorded some but just wasn't happy. Then one day, happy as larry, I was singing in the shower......and out came 'why didnt you call me.....why didnt you know....duh duh duh dannda dannda dah...oh you should go...'and iI was like....ok I'm on to something here. So I leg it to my room and get my phone....still starkers and start to record what I'm singing on voice recorder....and out came some garbled version of this big idea......I then sent it over to Bri and said...this is it...this is what we are doing! We then sat down (fully clothed I might add!!!) and turned my iphone idea into something coherent and started to record. Brian work his magic, Gregg drummed like the ledge that he is and Steve added the finishing touchs....Fast forward 18 months and here it is....'The Big Idea'!

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Almost Finished :)

Sorry for the quiet front, Brian and I have been busy putting the finishing touches to the EP. Its currently being mixed and I should be playing a few snipets for your in the next couple of weeks. Watch This Space!!

In the mean time you can check me out at The Foodies Festival on Friday 12th July at 12.30pm and at ACP Painswick at 12.00pm. See you there!