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Kim is BACK !!!

Our fabulous fiddler, Kim Hoffman, has recovered sufficient health and energy to rejoin the band, and will make her triumphant return to the stage on March 1st at the Roaring Brook Nature Center, 70 Gracey Rd., Canton, CT. Cotton Hollow Rising plans to open their set with a triplet of fiddle tunes to celebrate the occasion. The concert will be a double-bill, with singer-songwriter and humorist Kent Aldrich taking the stage for the first set. The band soldiered on as a trio during Kim's absence, but are thrilled to be a quartet again. Kim not only brought her fiddle back to the group, but a handful of new tunes as well - so expect old favorites, peppered with new material for the Roaring Brook concert!

Special Friends of the Band

We are greatly indebted to all our fans for their support, and in this space we’d like to take a moment to give a “shout-out” to some of our adopted music family who have gone above and beyond the call of duty to make our time together so special…

Mychael – Ruth’s brother, who has signed on as official band photographer, and from whom we expect miraculous photos of us appearing 10-20 years younger than we actually are…

Joy Cipollo – for the excellent videos she’s captured and posted on the web.

Kent Aldrich – for those times when we need a man on the sound board, he’s always there adding more talent into the mix somewhere between our mics and the speakers. (It’s a mystery!)

Cathy Lowery and Barbara Coppinger – who volunteer to bake wonderful slow-cooked sweets for the Rocky Hill Veterans at the Hospital twice yearly at our benefit concerts. Semper Fi!

And to all the Connecticut musicians who have volunteered their time and talents to join us at the “Thank You Veterans” concerts over the years:

2000: Gil Dube, Dave DeAngelis. - 2001: Gil Dube, Gale Wade, Rick Johnson & Doug Anderson (Two Blue), Bucky Howard. - 2002: Nina Romanenko-Harrison, Bucky Howard. - 2003: Kent Aldrich, Rick Johnson & Doug Anderson (Two Blue). - 2004: Bucky Howard, Rick Johnson & Doug Anderson (Two Blue). - 2005: Ted Paulsen, Marty Brennan & Rick Patches. - 2006: Grant & Marta Day’s band (Rosin the Bow), Jim & Katy Howard (The Howard Folk). - 2007: Trainwreck Jerry O’Connell, Eduardo Rocha & Judy Simonds. - 2008: Con Dowd & Jim Howard, Larry & Ellen (Sour Grapes). - 2009: Stan Sullivan, Patti Wilion & Jean Recchia (Riverstone). - 2010: Jim King & Denni Collins (The Knott Brothers). - 2011: The Birch Creek Band, Kent Aldrich & Tim Quinn. - 2012: The Birch Creek Band. - 2013: Patti Wilion & Coyote Dote - 2013: Eric Paradine - 2014: Bluebyrd (Steve & Betty) …………….all true friends of folk!

Why "Cotton Hollow Rising" ?

One look at these photos will convince you that Cotton Hollow in Glastonbury is a mystical place, full of the ghosts of industry that once thrived along the banks of Roaring Brook, where water-powered mills produced a wide variety of goods. Here’s a link to some breath-taking photographs of Cotton Hollow: www.spectralvoices.com/CottonHollow.htm

Peter Marteka’s article in the January 3, 2012 issue of the Hartford Courant covers his interview with Dr. Brian Chiffer, who has studied the history of the area. Here’s that link: http://articles.courant.com/2012-01-03/community/hc-glastonbury-chiffer-ruins-1231-20120103_1_gunpowder-factory-mills

The area still contains many foundations of the mills, the ruins of the 60’ high dam, and the remains of the Hartford Manufacturing Company’s cotton mill. Brian Chiffer tells us that by 1920 the cotton factory had burned, the dams had been razed, and the forges, mills, anchor works and grist mills had been shut down…in his words from the article: “…it was the industrial center at one time and today it’s a historic hikers’ delight”. The gorgeous natural setting and it's history inspired Cece Borjeson to write "Cotton Hollow", a banjo tune the whole band enjoys playing.

While our band plays a very eclectic mix of styles, much of our music evokes the spirit of such places, and we’re very happy to be associated with Cotton Hollow. Now, imagine a cool October night with a glistening full moon illuminating a mist rising over the rushing waters…

NEST$ Grant Approval for the band

Cotton Hollow Rising has just been approved as a NEST Grant touring group. Qualifying New England venues outside of CT (non-profit, government etc.) may get up to 50% off of the band's fee through a NEST grant ... more info at our Creative Ground site. Search for www.creativeground.org, and enter "Cotton Hollow Rising", or email ceceborjeson@att.net for more info or to get added to our concert announcement list.

The quartet combines the harmonies and ballads of veteran duo Cece Borjeson & Ruth George, along with the instrumental fireworks of Kim Hoffman and Kevin Gallagher. Their stage overflows with instruments: guitar, fiddle, dobro, mandolin, bass, banjo, bodhran, pennywhistle, harmonica & more. Lush vocals and a program combining harmony, humor and even some history have kept their fans coming back for more over the years.