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The Ledesma Brothers' Bio by longtime friend Chris Callahan. The Ledesma Brothers started playing music in the mid-eighties. You might say that family style was more than just a catch phrase at the time. Many years later, their cohesiveness as a band of brothers, as well as their diverse tastes in music, contributes to an overall experience that is... The Ledesma Brothers. Gerardo, the eldest brother and the glue which binds this band together, plays lead guitar and as well sings most vocal tracks. Heavily influenced by the blues from a young age, Gerardo also taps his Hispanic roots in arrangements that are more traditional and tunes one might hear south of the border. Raul, the laid-back rhythm-dealer on the drums, plays with subtle ferocity. Almost always hidden behind his trademark shades, you never know what Raul is going to throw at you... Salsa? Or Sabbath? This man know his roots, so keep an eye out or you might see a little reggae slip through. Alfredo, the most recent edition to the band, studied the saxophone growing up and also sat in with the harmonica. Now, he drives the bass and rhythms right down your backbone, leaving your foot tapping and head nodding. It wasn't until recently that his skills allowed him to share the stage with his brothers. All said, The Ledesma Brothers have been promoting their family style of rock, rhythm, and blues for close to twenty years. Having known the brothers and their family for most of this journey, I'd say your time is well spent sharing an evening with them. Hope to see you at the show. Email The Ledesma Brothers at ledesmabrothers@hotmail.com Band Members Gerardo - Lead Guitar, Vocals Raul - Drums Alfredo – Bass/guitar lead/rhythm Ismael-O.G. Bass