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Music and Wine

Can't think of a better way to start blogging than to talk about my new foray into wine. I remain far from an expert and many experts would snicker at my wine choices, but having been around enough of them to know its all subjective and tastes vary and hype probably plays a roll and there will be those who buck the trends, steer clear of fads, stick with tried and true or simply go with what someone else tells them they should like...I find that, as in many things, ignorance can be bliss.

Wine is a lot like music in that way. We did our second Whiner's show last night at the Tibbitts Opera Theater in Coldwater, MI. It was a concert of songwriter's in the round interspersed with a wine tasting from a local winery. Whether the audience came for the music or the wine or both doesn't matter because the joy is in the discovery. The music was provided by Jan Krist, Alan Finkbeiner, Jim Bizer, Annie & Rod Capps...the wine was provided by Cherry Creek Winery. A nice crowd of eager consumers tasted both wine and music, most for the first time, and I'm confident that everyone found something they liked about the evening.

As for us, we had a great time making music with dear & talented friends and came home with a bottle of Cherry wine that we'll probably enjoy with another dear friend late this afternoon when the sun hits the front porch just right.

Happy Spring!

George Heritier
George Heritier  (about 5 years ago)

Michigan made music and Michigan made wine~I like that!