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Dan's take on HLPs first full-length Album!

Our little group has been together now for a couple of years. Tuesday nights have proven to be our little habitual ritual. Not many Tuesdays have been missed. Through some of my hardest moments of my health issues, these guys have been there every week. Patient and understanding, as I would come out and play a song or two and then have to retreat and lay down again. They've lived the last couple of difficult years with me and my cancer and now, after a lot of time and hard work, the music is coming to fruition. When we first started playing together, we agreed it was about our original music. Not about gigging or playing someone else's music. It was about making our songs better than they were by leveraging the collective talent of the group. It was about writing new stuff and using each other as a sounding board as we played with different concepts. I believe we've enjoyed the process down to a man. I know its been beneficial to my need for a musical outlet and therapeutic for me, both mentally and spiritually. I believe that its had a positive affect on my physical health, as well.

So, now, with my disease currently in remission, we've worked pretty hard over the last 6 months or so, to put together our first collection of songs in the studio. This week, we're In the final process of post-production. We'll have about 14 songs, total that we can all be pretty proud of.

I've recorded my songs before and spent large sums of my hard earned cash to have things recorded, but this is first time in my 30 years of playing that I'm satisfied with the final product. I know the performances of these aren't perfect. They probably will never be without spending a lot more money that I'm willing or able to spend at this point in my life. But this will most definitely work.

If you haven't listened to our songs, yet, I hope you will. We are continuing to write and working on new things every week. Our plan is to continue to record and write and sing and jam... as long as I'm able. And then, I hope the boys will continue when I'm gone. I know that someday in the relatively near future, I'll run out of time. But, until I do, me and the boys are planning on pumping out as much good music as we're able. We're having fun and are excited about our first album together. We hope you like it, but if you don't, that's OK... that was never the point. We like 'em and THAT is the point.