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EP Coming up Next! Picking up Steam

Just played our first show at the Horseshoe! It's a dream come true to have played on such a great stage that's seen so many great bands over the year, Billy Talent, Monster Truck, and countless others! It's been a long time coming in 2013 and things are finally starting to progress the way we want them too! Shows are coming in, all our technical problems are solved and now we are going to complete our EP over the next month! We are going to be ordering a ton of new Merch, a ton of cool things to add to our performance, new songs and of course, our own music! Maybe a music video in there as well? On a high right now, 3Versatile is coming hard and fast at you now! Thank you to all our amazing friends and fans who have come out to see our shows. You are amazing and we wouldn't be doing this without you! -3Versatile Alexander, Thomas and Alex

3V's Beginning

Our band's mission is to reinvigorate musical performance with multi-instrumentalism and an emphasis on interesting, high-energy, “what-is-happening-to-me-right-now” type of music.

We formed the band in 2009. Thomas Arthur and Alex Saloomi met while working together part time, and after discovering they had a mutual love for music, decided to get together to jam. Thomas told his brother Alex and he was more than excited to join the jam. Soon into the first session, with an accordion, acoustic guitars and a doumbek, they realized they had something special and formed a band right on the spot. This wasn’t your average band formation, not when everyone decided they want to play many different types of music and more than 3 different instruments each.

From that day forward 3Versatile has been building steadily, gaining momentum and increasing the number of instruments. We've now added piano, drums, bass, flute, clarinet and harmonica to the equation. After graduating from York University and Ryerson University, we decided to follow our hearts and go “balls-deep” into the music industry.

It’s been a crazy start, pulling reverse 9-5 shifts at our new studio, acquired in February 2013, and plying our trade. We’re learning what professional musicians have to do: part marketer, part sound engineer, part lyricists, part musicians and part business managers. It’s a steep learning curve, but it’s awesome.

We love music, and we love you, our fans. Those two loves drive us to do everything in our power to bring you the best quality music and entertainment that we possibly can.

We’re going to be blogging about our experiences in music, instruments, new music fads, and all news 3V. We have some interesting ideas in store, many originals in the works, and much more coming your way soon.

Your band,

3Versatile (Alex, Thomas, Alexander)

Alexander “Alejandro” G. Arthur

Bass Guitar Rap + Background Vocals Guitar Drums Clarinet

Alexander “Alejandro” Arthur was born in Toronto, Ontario. He started playing the piano when he was a young boy but switched into the clarinet in high school. Wanting to add to his skill set, he started learning the guitar, his Dad’s instrument of choice. Upon the formation of 3V, he quickly picked up the drums and then the bass to add to the ensemble of instruments. Fluent in Italian and learning Spanish, bred on rock and a multitude of genres, including rap, Alexander is ⅓ of the multi-genre, multi-instrumentalizationalismcrazycooltasticsm that is 3V.

Thomas Arthur

Keys Vocals Accordion Drums Flute

After picking up the accordion in grade ten, Thomas’ passion for music grew vastly. Through it he discovered that he could venture beyond the classical music he was taught in school into exciting genres like Italian folk, jazz, reggae, and most of all, rock. From there he hasn’t looked back. When 3V was formed, he returned to his roots in piano that he had played as a young boy, and added drums to fuel his passion for rhythm and grooves. Now he brings his love of multiple genres and instruments to form a third of the excitement that is 3V.

Alex (Lex) Saloomi

Vocals Guitar Drums + Doumbek Flute Harmonica

Unlike the other members of 3Versatile, Alex’s heart lay in drums and percussion. However, playing an acoustic drumset indoors was out of the question. After some years and much waiting, he decided to fork out the cash and purchase an electric drumset himself at the age of 16. Since then his collection of instruments has been growing and growing and he currently owns more than 7 guitars and a slew of percussive instruments and drumsets. His consistent need for change and exploration in all aspects of life has helped push 3Versatile in the directions of heavy rock and Arabian. Fluent in Arabic, the additional dimension his ⅓ adds a another flavour to an already versatile…band.