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Don't forget where you come from.

Where do we come from? Who are we? Is everyone connected some how to one source? Questions time and time again. I've always heard the saying "Don't forget where you came from." Is this a geographical place? or a spiritual one? We can just stop at mom and dad to be content with an answer, but there is something more. Walking through life having the choice daily to live with fear or love, which shapes our reality. Are we the only "Living" being that has choice? and how do we know that for sure? Just because we don't see it with our physical eyes don't mean it's not there. Morning meds.. Give thanks for life PORS

Getting out the race..

Life often times sends me messages of my purpose through different forms. Sometimes in the form of years of service in a direction that all of a sudden becomes a waste of time, or in a simple conversation with a loved one. What has become clear to me as of late is that, what is for you will be for you. I've met people in my life's journey thus far that have enriched my life in so many ways, these people see who I am beyond the lights, the hustle, the race to be recognized as self perceived. I truly believe that it's not complicated. According to Lauren Hill, " It could all be so simple, but we rather make it hard" Listening to my gut is becoming very important because, people seem to want to disguise their true intent. Their is nothing out there to gain that I cannot gain 1000 times greater from the creator. People sometimes present themselves to me as "THE WAY" to achieve my visions. I now see that 1st of all, if my visions are filled with love and respect, it's from God and God will send the right people in my life to get it done. So when I see folks now attempting to put themselves in the place of God it makes me think.. hmmmmm which side are you on? Ultimately this is just about getting out of the race of social acceptance, and into the walk to develop a fulfilling life that enriches the world. To be authentic and true. B....U... PORS

Vampires in our midst

Before I start, want to give you a perspective to remember about vampires, they were once humans till BITTEN, then they turn. I realize that sometimes when bad things happen to good people, it can change who they are. WHO WE ARE , for the not so better, I call that getting Bitten, now our choices after that will determine the outcome.. But we also have some folks walking among us who are repeat offenders in our lives and no matter how you may try to take the higher road, whenever you open your heart and give to them you get bitten. I say this to you as I'm currently saying this to myself. CUT THEM OFF!! It is better to be without them in your life it's not worth it or eventually you will become a VAMPIRE too..:-) As for the Vampire(s) in your life, maybe they will change but only God can decide that change agent..please don't wait for the change move on in Love and SELF RESPECT Bless Street Poet

Becoming present...

There is this constant something I'm learning each day, as I witness last moments, I recognize that the gift of life is un- measurably short. We should as A world now promote Love as the driving force of humanity. It at moments feel childish of me to keep the dream of a Euphoric society prevalent in my vision. However, If not out there!? Then within our families and neighborhoods. We can start there right!?

Appreciate the small things

"Having more in our lives or buying into the concept that more is better can mean we miss living in the moment. We’re constantly waiting for our lives to be complete with more and striving for a day that will never come." Tiny Budda


“What is it that would make a creature as fierce, majestic and powerful as a lion is, subject itself to the intimidation of a man a whip and a chair? The lion has been taught to forget what it is.” ― Iyanla Vanzant, Peace from Broken Pieces

NEW PROJECT!...Fresh..

Just an update.. New project is in the progress right.. I call this series "Orange Hill" If you have the app you'll hear it is the first of a select few coming your way. Thanks for your time and please.. Visit my website www.kehvmusic.com Stay Connected Much Love KEHV