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Abakuya-Minsili and the TAG Music / Blog

Thank you...

World fusion Cameroon / France / Australia Hello and thank you for everything. Like our page on facebook here: Facebook link: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abakuya/68843786404?ref=ts&fref=ts

Please follow us on Twitter: Twitter link: http://www.twitter.com/abakuya

Thank you for being friends on Reverbnation: Reverbnation link: http://www.reverbnation.com/abakuya

While our videos are available on YouTube: Youtube Channel Link: http://www.youtube.com/abakuya

And finally our little site: www.abakuya.com

That tomorrow at 10am, The fans will vote for nine groups from more

Hello, dear friends. It is on this site: http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafeparis/app_205164529573076?ref=ts that tomorrow at 10am, The fans will vote for nine groups from more than a hundred in France.

These nine groups will perform a concert (a battle ...) live at Hard Rock Café in Paris and the best group will do a world tour, recording a disc, make a DVD ...

What's great is that the group Abakuya has been chosen to appear to speak more than 100 groups from France, and we félicicitons.

The vote in question: This vote is to download the song Abakuya group that will be on the website above. The group will be more download (that means most of votes) will be hoisted Top Votes.

Those who do not live in France would be better to recommend the group Abakuya friends living in France. This will make us a great service and even mercie.

So you between January 28 and February 11 to vote and download to download the song group Abakuya friends, your networks, family ... Serendipity is the video of the song was released as tomorrow

I stay tuned for any questions. For now, here's the word I'm going to go and beg your turn ...

Dear friends, the year 2013 is certainly one of the big surprises or revelations ... The group Abakuya thanks to your votes will participate in the global event "Rising Hard Rock" So I ask you more understanding, compassion, responsibility and vision. While you are not likely to know this group, but this is a young band that is worth to be promoted.

- The group did a lot of concerts at the Olympic, the Saraaba, Café des Sports, the joy of the people, the melting friends ... Cafés of Paris. - Sharing arrangement at the festival Label'ouie Lavoir Moderne in Paris. - Participation in Tollwood festival in Munich. - Concerts in Munich Ethnological Museum - First part of the concert to Manu Dibango Cameroon's National Day in 2012 at the Pavilion Dauphine in Paris

Three musicians, three national, three times ... A cultural trinity that we ask you to bear, because it is really the last line Right. We have never been so close to the GOAL! I bow

Do not neglect anything, dear friends, we really need your help this time

Hello, Don't neglected nothing that everything that can be a way to make the hopes of our culture, our music, our work, our music project Abakuya ...

I just received a confirmation message from February 28 at 10am until 11 February 2013, the votes will be launched on the site Hard Rock Café de Paris. on facebook ... Fans can vote for 9 groups. These nine groups will perform a concert (a battle ...) live at Hard Rock Café in Paris and the best groups will do a world tour. This is wonderful ...

So, on your side between January 28 and February 11, if you can try to alert more people to vote for the party in TV Abakuya free loading the song that will be on this site.

I stay tuned for any questions. For now, here is the letter I sent:

"Congratulations Abakuya! You are selected to participate in Hard Rock Rising 2013. This e-mail will help you prepare for the competition by providing details on the timing and votes ... "

(This is a message that we have just received the organizers of the World Cultural event "Hard Rock Rising")

Dear friends, the year 2013 is certainly one of the big surprises or revelations ... The group Abakuya thanks to your votes will participate in the global event "Rising Hard Rock" So I'll give you here all the information possible so you can help our group Abakuya through this step Votes successfully, thanks to you.

- What is Hard Rock Rising Abakuya group?

Hard Rock Rising wants the group faces Abakuya other bands at the "Hard Rock Cafe Paris," but the group Abakuya must first inform, motivate his fans to vote for him between January 28 and February 11, 2013!

If the group is Abakuya who receives the most votes or is selected as a "Wild Card" (I explain the term Wild Card below, please ...) Abakuya win the chance to play live ee!

- How many groups they looking for? At Hard Rock Cafe Paris has 9 bands involved in the fighting line.

- What is the issue? The chance to play at Hard Rock Calling in the context of a world tour, make an album and the video drives with Rock Records, and earn new gear!

- CALENDAR AND PROMOTION Online Voting Period: Jan 28 (10:00 am EST) until 11 February (16:00 EST)

Dice January 28, 2013, one of our songs will be available for fans to download TV from the page of Hard Rock Cafe Paris Facebook.

Each loading TV counts as a "vote" for the group. Fans can vote for as many groups as they like. There is no registration or fee for the fans. Anyone in the world can download our song. He aura, however, some criteria that fans must satisfy for TV loading count as a "vote":

Fans will be required to "Like" the local Hard Rock Facebook page.

- Attention! fans must live in the same country as this place Hard Rock. In the United States, fans must live within 100 miles of this location Hard Rock. Fans can vote once per day ..

- WILD CARDS If our place is the 11th or less groups participants, one of these groups will be selected by Wild Card coffee. The remaining bands will be chosen based on votes top. If your location has 12 or more strips of participants, two of these bands will be Wild Cards selected by coffee. The remaining bands will be chosen based on votes top.

We hope we will avoid countless Vote your hope in the Wild Card and we will be among the top 5 groups in Paris.

We remain at your disposal for any further information. Stay in touch and on 28 January the start Votes Thank you again. François

Three musicians, three nationalities, three forces are Abakuya

I welcome you to our professional network, and at the same time, I am announcing that the band Abakuya participates in a festival which group selection is done by internet vote.

  (It's a little weird, but this style is becoming more regular. Especially with everything that happens in music, short ...)

This is why I ask you to vote daily for our group Abakuya. Here's how the vote goes.

Go directly to the website link below: http://www.reggaecontest.com/portal/bands/iscritti-2013

You will come across all groups registered for 2013 (there 'It all European countries)

Then look France among all countries in alphabetical order.

Once you are in France, you will find the name of the group Abakuya the top of the list of French groups . Click above ... Switch to your email address. Check both boxes and everything is Cool You will receive in your email a few moments later a confirmation email with a link.

To confirm your choice, you should click the link received. I strongly advise you one vote per day Thank you again and good day. Keep me informed please ... for Abakuya

Speaking of work tools, well here is mine

These Are African instruments. They Are Certainly not Fanguistique only instruments, but mostly Cameroonian ... And all Took The plane with me.

All play and Even Lack of players. Have participated in nib Others Such as "Otoulbaka, Campero, African Logik, Afritude in Cameroon ... "Some Have participated in tubes or Other recordings. With me, brothers and friends, thesis instruments Have Opened and closed doors Certainly Other.

THEY Gathered There. What Will Happen? As early as September In Some share of the world and Paris set off a number of Activities and Training Programs in Practice, manufacture and service of African percussion instruments like flutes and Other Pygmies, maracasses ... All this to prepare for the great adventure in preparation:

- The term African villages (equatorial Africa at the moment) to Strengthen traditional knowledge instrumental endangered, - Train young people to practice instruments. - Encourages traditional orchestration in the villages. - The opening of a cultural creation, training and facilitation in Sangmelima in Cameroon. All good wishes Have Their site and all information Cdn So They act to fair value and Rightly so. The Project Will Be Submitted soon turns to African Associations and Other Institutions ... Contact: abakuya@gmail.com

For the moment, From September, Every Thursday from 16h to 20h Will Be Held at the Métis in Paris in the 17th African percussion classes Cameroon.

For more information, Contact: gold abakuya@gmail.com The Metis Association 123 rue de Tocqueville 75017 Paris www.la-metisse.com

On 21 September in Paris Will Be a concert of the link says Abakuya The mat has a melting, the green baize Lilacs from 21h Free admission. Food available on site.

- On the side of Belgium (September / October) Will Be Held Two workshops: - Tapes thee thy pygmy flutes. Workshop and introduction to the flute and Pygmy polyphony.

- The (EBAE) the (Bongo), the (Ekuk) are trees with Lesq Which THEY make the nkul (tam tam call) A Workshop Will Be Held in Belgium. We Will turn in the factory with nkul Some Belgian logs. It is Possible That participation is open to MUSICIANS ... All information on demand, gold here soon.

Help me to push the band on stage in London 2012. Just, dark on this link...

Hello friend, Hi Family ... Help me to push the band on stage in London 2012. Just, dark on this link and feel free to download "White Mann Dance ..." free After that prompts the friends to do the same. Then there Abakuya can play in LONDON: http://www.facebook.com/hardrockcafeparis?sk=app_205164529573076&app_data=artist:30996 Thank you.

Yes, you can promote Abakuya...

Hello, dear friends; It is quite possible that our next album and realize that we do concerts ... You can now support us and follow the evolution of this project and these concerts, for the links http://www.serialliver.com/fr/membre/Abakuya - You can Share the details of the group or the rejoiondre Fans here: http://www.reverbnation.com/abakuya

And registration of the group of African Abakuya Contest nuggets 3rd edition. Follow the group here: http://lereveafricain.free.fr/3emeEditionAfrosPepitesMetissAfriqueCentrale.html Thank you. Abakuya.

The best Way to Follow Abakuya

Hello and thank you for this contact that I take very seriously and thank you. You can help the production of the second Cd Abakuya by voting or by betting here: http://www.serialliver.com/fr/membre/Abakuya

- Buy the Cd Ep 6 Abakuya shares at 10 euros or 15 euros to Primitive Love by mail to abakuya@gmail.com - Help promote our ties by sharing here: http://www.reverbnation.com/abakuya

- Search contacts and concerts? So ask the Press kit and all information in the mail above. Follow our group on facebook here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abakuya/68843786404?ref=ts or here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abakuya/162562667111581?ref=ts And here: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Abakuya/208351152509466?ref=ts Thank you and good day Abakuya

Performance: The colors are also notes and words

http://youtu.be/8blT6tW6kBs The colors are also notes and words ... In some cultures in Africa (Mbidambani, the bulu ...) I know well, this year (this style of years ... it terized our follies) is described as "Year of the Chimpanzee" Ainsique So, true to this culture, I found myself searching and luckily I found this story. A history of chimpanzees. Tion an adaptation of an old tale of Leo Messi ca Meroune in response to an invitation PRESENT by Conte Vassivière festival in August 2011. Supporter of opening-up in the disciplinary field of art, I mix in this show: Painting Music Story Dance Puppets. Working with an artist of Strasbourg, we will revisit the epic seems to me Kodendong Messi. - Love, Power, Sacrifice, Abuse, Marriage, Rape, Death ... are the themes of this old tale if Mr. My. A good opportunity for us to languish ears of young and old and a proposal for travel and a lot of emo tions. - So I opened this video, the room door for one of our rehearsals at Ivry, near Paris, where a real friend has oc Trye a huge room for rehearsals. - Untitled and without comment. I wish you good viewing and feel free to give us a hello from your commentairtes. The Cordia ment. Appointment is made for August 28 to Vassivière. You are in the ground show and sale: - Paintings from the entertainer painted ar: Flo reference Be song - Books of fairy birth ca me rou bi lingual (bulu / French) - CDs of cal mu mu my group so cal Abakuya Thank you "The storyteller bulu"

Hello every body

We start by wishing you a welcome to our musical world on Reverbnation. We are looking for opportunities to produce our shows and the upcoming CD by the ball of a French site that had a great idea, because the group lives in Paris Abakuya http://www.serialliver.com/fr/membre/Abakuya . You may be familiar desproducteurs producer or producing music such as ours and that program qd'autres for festivals or you even, it's great, we can consider all cooperation in this regard. As for our music, then it deep into the roots of ethnic music, tribal and traditional southern Cameroon. With instruments endangered we are trying together to present and discuss the context in which they were used (Healing, uplifting, trance ...) Thank you for your time and availability. Our music on myspace http://www.myspace.com/abakuya Regards. François 0033/616275232