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Adam Carroll and Owen Temple show

Wow, it realy happened. I got to open for Adam Carroll and Owen Temple last Sunday. The show was amazing, and it went off without a hitch. Hopefully we will do that again sometime. Since then, I have been working on some new tunes. Guess you could say that I was inspired by Adam and Owens presence. I'll post them when I get them finished. One is about Texas, another is about falling behind, and the third is about running 90 miles an hour on a low fuel light. See you all soon, JB

Laid Off Again

New lyrics, don't steel 'em. Since I don't have the World Wide Web at the ol' homestead, and I have a new tune that I can't upload, I just write out some of the lyrics for it. Picture an old slyle country tune... (Chorus)I'm laid off again, (ba ba ba ba, walk to C) I'm laid off again, and I ain't got two nickols to make a dime! And that unemployment line, makes me feel like I've done a crime, I'm laid off again. (verse) My boss lost another contact today, so with no work here, I best be on my way. But, the line at the Hall, is just too damn long, now I'm laid off again. (chorus))...that unemployment line, make me feel like the fault was mine... (v) Now my baby and I got bill up to our ears. They say it ain't been this bad for years, now what am I to do, when my baby needs new shoes, I'm laid off again! (C)...and that unemployment line, keeps sayin' the fault was mine... (V) Now I keep lookin' at the Martin on my wall. I think she'll bring us enough money, to make it through the fall! What am I going to do this winter, when my baby ain't got no dinner, I'm laid off again! (c)come up with somethin' (v)Now what am I going to do when we lose our home, the cell phone company just turned off my phone. And the banks are blood suckin' bastards, when an accounts over drafted, I'm laid off again! (c) makes me feel like i've done a crime.. and out. Lyrics by, John Bowyer Library times almost up! Gotta go, gottta go!


Hello folks! Welcome to my Kenny Bloggins! Or shall we say, my blogenspeiel? O.k. it's late, and that was really stupid. Thanks for stopping by! Hope you all enjoy the music. Have a good Sunday. John Bowyer