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Okay, not cats as in meow. Cats as in I would love to hear your feedback in what kind of categories you would love to hear in a song. What experiences have you been through that you haven't yet heard about in a song? Maybe any lessons you've learned, or anything God has strongly put on your heart?

I love people, which means I love you. And I would love to pour my time and attention into your interests and struggles.

Thanks for your interest, and please keep in touch!

3 Jacqui


Hey everybody! This is my shoutout, and me marking my pursuit of this dream of mine. God has inspired me to write all my life, and it is time to attack this dream as if it were my last shot. The songs I've uploaded are the rough drafts of my visions. I pray one day I can get live music together to play all over.

Let me know about you! Please feel free to get in touch, say hi, add me as a friend on facebook, etc.

I will be updating so you can get to know me! Have an AMAZING WEDNESDAY! Woo Wednesday!!!