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GG rebirth of hiphop

I'm from Aurora Ill i rep my city faith fully i grow up bumping PAC but who didnt going from that to the bull shit that plays now where they go wrong im do hiphop and not hippop i ant into that gaga drake rap with a twist of west and hate from jay im in my zone and im not rapping about big booty hoes or smoking weed all day ima bout real life my life waz fucked up i lived threw shit u see in moviez and ima bring it to light and brighten the brain

terrylee.88  (about 4 years ago)

TERRYLEE im from dixon, il. repin with the misfits. my raps are diverse, i could make a song with a story base with fictional characters or songs that are about me and my life and as real as it gets, i like to mix it up and have fun with it... ya dig!