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Face to Face

The song, Face to Face, is a real enough story of how love can pass by you on a busy street. And if you're not paying attention, it might just keep on walking by. We all make choices. I chose to stop, look love right in the face, toe to toe and smile to smile. I said yes to love. I dedicate this song to Stephanie, a lady that is crazy enough to love this music man.

Will Sing For Food

Exciting news for Rockford, IL as local unsigned artists come together on a digital CD to raise funds for the Rock River Valley Food pantry. The compilation CD, Will Sing For Food, will benefit the food pantry that serves thousands of people every month. More details to come when the CD is released!! ~ Paul H

Morning Love

I wrote this song many years ago before digital home studios were around (I might be dating myself here). I came across the song again as I was organizing my sheet music in my music room. It took about 3 minutes to get the old melody and basic guitar back into my head. What you're hearing now are the old lyrics with the same vocal melody and a newer sound. When I wrote this song, I didn't have a love in my life so it was more of a fantasy of what it would be like to wake up next to someone I was madly in love with. Since then, I have loved and lost and hoped again for love. It's my hope that you have someone in your life that you are madly in love with and that you can share this song with them 'in the morning light'. -peace & grace- Paul

Behind the Song, "Really Miss You"

The lyrics were written by long time friend Velvet K-S in North Carolina. Music and lead vocals by yours truly. Back up vocals by Dawn Neptune (reverbnation.com). She's an awesome talent and friend! Bass by Treena Foster (reverbnation.com). My brother, Pat, and I use to jam this song at get parties on acoustics out West when we made the move from Virgina years ago. I recently began looking through old music that I had & stumbled upon Really Miss You. With the help of Dawn (also engineered the track), we created what you hear on my page. The song has meaning for me in so many ways and it would take too long to explain here. If you like the song, please pass it on to a friend. -peace & grace- Paul