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UnsuspectiYouth! Lend us your EARS

I think the world is really just a barely functional cancer cell. Determined to subconsciously kill their conscious mentality. WAKE UP! Are you not sick of watching people always staring at their phone. There was a time when the activity of being out and about meant they were with others having actual conversations. now days The SHEEPLE use their phones to consistently do everything but actually communicate. And while our generation slowly goes to sleep in front of their computer screens and televisions and does nothing to contribute to a single change in the world, they find themselves whining and whimsically repeating the phase YOLO, yet being completely mentally void and totally miserable... Enough is enough.

So lets do something, feel something, say something to somebody, and mean everything to nothing. Apathy just doesn't work. Its time to care, get phunky as hell, and be consistently positive. Welcome to the age of Rebellion :)