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SAC Songwriting Challenge

I am so glad I did the SAC Songwriting Challenge - There is some fantastic songwriting going on in this lovely big country of ours, I feel inspired, not only to write with some of my fellow challengers, but also to finish a lot of the material that has been sitting on the piano bench for too long.... Sweet songs, dreamwriters!

Sac Songwriter Challenge - A pitch for Matt Dusk...

The February/March songwriter challenge - write a song for Matt Dusk, who wants to veer away from crooner music - into a new dawn - oh, sorry, did I really say that? I just couldn't resist! and in fact I think I have written him a crooner song - my understanding of what he wanted was a song he could really engage with an audience with - that was smart, fun, maybe a bit whimsical, or over on the other side, really just flatout heartfelt like John Legend - some of his other roadmaps were very hooky - so I aimed for hooky and character/story-based, I imagined this as a first song of a night's concert - an intro to a new bunch of tunes - I hope it's a segue from his old self to his new self, so he gains a new audience but does not lose his existing fans either. Here it is, it's simply called "Dance" https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-noble-toronto/dance

SAC Song Challenge - Week 3 - Advertising Pitch

This week was a bit of a bust for me. I knew the only time I had in the entire week was on Wednesday, so I set up a cowrite Monday before I went out. On Wednesday afternoon that cowriter realized he did not have the time to work with me. I have some really lovely ideas I had written on guitar, but I don't have a studio at the moment and I don't have the instrumental chops to be able to pull it off. So no recording from me this week. I also did a vocal for another challenger, but he was not able to use it because I was not able to record it with a good enough quality. So a disappointing week on the one hand, but on the upside, working on my ideas advanced my guitar playing, which badly need advancing - And I also managed to get a couple of songs pitched to some people who might be able to get very good placements for them - so a no and a couple of maybes and a few inches forward... onwards...

SAC Song challenge - Rob Wells pitch - week 2 - Ridiculous

This week's challenge was for Rob Wells - 15-year-old girl pop - I've been there! so the first thing I did was look up the two artists - and when I went to the Selena Gomez site, there was this spoken bit - so self-revealing, so ME at that age, I got that horror-stricken memory of what it was to be a twelve, thirteen, fifteen year-old girl, who never could do "cool", always leading with emotion, over the top, loud - excited - embarrassing - "Oh, Jennifer don't be ridiculous" ah - stake-in-the-heart mortification - Ridiculous. So that's where I went to and wrote from. https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-noble-toronto/ridiculous

Challenge 2 - Ridiculous!

No really...the first song idea I have for a Rob Wells submission ala Selena Gomez / Demi Lovato is called Ridiculous....This is a work tape, so you will need to haul your imagination to the table for this one. I think it is squewing a bit old for this submission - what do you think? https://soundcloud.com/jennifer-noble-toronto/sac-challenge-2-ridiculous-draft-1-feb-16-15

SAC Songwriting and Blogging Challenge - week 1

I have a song that is not finished, but we have 6 weeks to do this one - I am excited by it, and felling protective of it while it is gestating..... so I will not post it yet. I am inspired by some of the other songwriter's work, and also their blogs - I saw AHI's and thought YEAH - I should do that, very effective, warm, human - but truth is, Family Day, working at home, I'm not getting out of my jammies! I don't know about everyone else, but I am overwhelmed by the number of people involved in the challenge, and I can't possibly read everyone's blog or listen to everyone's songs, that is the most challenging part of this for me - the social ! I am heartened by the interest across the country, looking forward to collaborating - and getting to know the writers in my own country! It is interesting watching how other people approach a challenge like this one musically. I realize I go for the emotional jugular - and everything radiates out from there, so when Matt says he wants to get out of his current groove, I listen for how he wants to feel about his work, how he wants to move on stage and how he wants to interact with his audience - and other people are looking to analyze production elements or form elements as an entry point - it's cool to hear about those things in the concrete, in relation to an actual songwriting opportunity - it's inspiring to me, thanks all, Write On!

SAC Song challenge #1

The challenge is up! Writing a song to pitch to Matt Dusk! YAY! Excited... and inspired.... do I want to write it alone... or with someone? Does it want to be more meat, or more potatoes? It definitely needs gravy! Up tempo? Let's start there - dancin' in silence in my studio, calling in the images....

Me & the SAC Songwriter's challenge

I'm not sure what it will be about, but I'm kind of excited to have said yes - it's saying yes to myself, really, to the carving out of creative time. Structure. Yes.