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sun, sea and songwriting

Mockingjays recently met up on the Kent Coast for the Broadstairs Folk week for two days of live music. What a perfect place for songwriting too; sunshine, sandy beaches and a few drinks along the way... Can't wait to get back into the studio now and complete the album! x

end of the Monsoon season?

At last sun has come out, bringing an end to the Monsoon season of May and June! The Mockingjays had their first set rehearsal of 2013 outside........well all except Flavio who was in such shock at the arrival of the sun that he forgot his base and sang some very high harmonies instead....Summer dates to be confirmed soon xx

the learning tree

we've finalised the track list for "the learning tree" now so just a few more bits to record and then the mixing/mastering can begin in earnest. We're looking to be done by early summer and then will release online and get some cd's printed for those that prefer something tangible! We have also secured the services of one of the uk's finest photographers, Peter Prior (www.peterprior.co.uk), to do our publicity shots and album cover so this will be something both classy and special.Gigs will also be starting in the near future too so all in all its a busy life for the mockingjays!

Mockingjays management meeting

Mockingjays met yesterday at a secret location in kent, where it was decided that they would attempt to manage themselves.Despite the red wine, cider and chocolate digestives (which Jo is now prohibited from eating until the Mockingjays have their photos done- her decision entirely) many important decisions were made....... Most impotantly, Mockingjay Flavio Baldo will refrain from trying to entice Mockingjay Jo with biscuits during rehearsals! In the meantime, there are two more songs to listen to.Not the final versions as all the songs will be mastered ready for the album launch this summer.