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the end is the beggining

well tomorrow the ep will be a wrap. it saddens us at one point but excited on the other to start playing shows and touring. we look forward to meeting all of you out on the road, please if we play in your town come say hi to us and hang out. we will have a blast

so much going on.

were back in the studio tomorrow and will be releasing the third song from our upcoming ep. also a music vide is now in the writing process, hopefully set to start filming in the spring at some point so stay tuned for that. we plan on finishing recording the ep before we start booking dates or any tour so be watching for shows to start popping up in the next two months.

Horror, gore, and kangaroos

ep recording is going smoothly. we are at the half way point. about another month and this chicken will be done. lol

Rhonda Cribbs
Rhonda Cribbs  (about 5 years ago)

Great job guys .... can't wait to get one of the first released cd's!! It wont be long. Y'all are a dedicated group and together you can achieve anything you set your minds to!! Never Quit! :) Quitters are for Losers and not one of you is a Loser! :)

Rhonda Cribbs
Rhonda Cribbs  (about 5 years ago)

KCM has my support all the way!!