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Don't Rest

The person wanting your spot isn't resting...2 Much, To Little, Too Late


To all of my super talented friends, stand up, be heard, get your music out there. There's room for everyone.


"Artistic temperament is a disease that afflicts amateurs." - G.K Chesterton

Yeah Yeaheee

What can i say, just another day. Lets get it!!!

Never Mistakes, Only Experiences

Stay Focused, Keep Grindin, Reach for the universe and beyond..


It's a beautiful day for ducks...

Keepin your shit real

All in all you gotta be true to yourself. Keep it real, you'll feel better for it...

Networking & Fresh Outlook vital

Collaborate with as many artist, producers and musicians as possible. Its key to keeping a fresh outlook and gaining new perspectives from within your art form. Plus you will make valuable friends along the way.

Coming Soon!

"To Much, To Little, To Late"

Weekend blessings...

The weekend is here and oh what a great feeling it is. Enjoy it, let your hair down (as they say) ;-) but above all be safe and responsible..PEACE!