new to reverbnation!

Hey! I must admit...this marketing yourself crap is hard... but fun. I can do all sorts of things that I would have been scared to death to do a year ago. one thing is, I think personally that you get over a whole lot of stuff when you have a new baby. I mean, If I can do that and have an increasingly popular 9 year old, why in the world could I not learn how to paste a widget? Its funny to say that out loud, but it's true. I would have said before, "Oh I dont know how to do all that kind of stuff...so I will just get somebody to do it for me" then comes reality! lol I love having my whole little world in my own two hands though. There are days when the goals seem so far away...and there are days when I keep kicking down the doors. I like those days best! I hope you are diggin the music so far! let me know what you think!!! love, amyd