END OF SUMMER BASH (Blog 6) - August 31, 2014

#Blog 6 - End of #Summer Bash Today is the last day of #August. Was it a great month for you?http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/end-of-summer-bash-blog-6-august-31-2014

BRADFORD's BIRTHDAY WEEK (Blog 5) - August 27, 2014

Blog 5 - Bradford's Birthday Week http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/happy-birthday-bradford-blog-5-august-27-2014

Why Music? (Blog 4) - August 20, 2014

Here's a HEENE BOYZ BLOG 4 - "Why #Music?" #fingeritout http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/why-music-blog-4-august-20-2014

Balancing Schoolwork and the importance of Research (Blog 3) - August 14, 2014

Here's a HEENE BOYZ BLOG 3: http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/balancing-schoolwork-and-the-importance-of-research-blog-3-august-14-2014

Horrortox Video Shoot (Blog 2) - August 12, 2014

Have you read Blog 1? Here's Blog 2. Check it out! http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/horrortox-video-shoot-blog-2-august-12-2014

Introduction - August 7, 2014

We started a new Blog Page. Here's the 1st one. http://heeneboyz.com/blog/blog/introduction-august-7-2014

AUG 9 2014 Music Video Shoot and Performance

Come to Brass Mug at 11am wearing Halloween costumes for Music Video shoot: Free HEENE BOYZ posters & Admission!

Opened for Terrorizer & Exhumed

HEENE BOYZ opened Terrorizer & Exhumed at Metal Meowlisha on December 21, 2013. Check some pics from the day at https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.399956700135445.1073741834.148898938574557&type=1


We are currently working on the 3rd Album. It has a little bit different direction from the 2nd Album.

Aftershock & Epicenter

http://aftershock.battleofthebands.com/u/HeeneBoyz and http://epicenter.battleofthebands.com/u/HeeneBoyz 2 separate entries.