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Trev in NY day 5

Still working on the Unhinged album.

Today was a short day in the studio because we had to run Jon Graboff (steel player) back to Manhattan so he can hit the road with Shooter Jennings on Saturday. I will never forget the experience of working with that guy. He's a total pro that other pros look up to, and he treated me as an equal. Very kind of him for sure.

We did 2 songs today, tracked live as a band as has been the usual practice on this project. One was a country sounding tune called 'Be Good To Me' and the other was a rocker called 'The Way It Goes'. Be Good To Me was done in one take. That's the third track on this album that was done live off the floor in one take. The other song took 4 runs to get the structure down, but we got it.

Keeping in mind that none of these other musicians even hear the songs we're working on until we're about to play them, and we're still getting them in only a few takes. Amazing to be a part of it.

Tomorrow is the last day the fabulous Bill Dobrow will be drumming for us. After tomorrow, he's heading back to Manhattan to rehearse with an act that he's leaving to tour Japan with next week. I forget the name, but it's a major label artist who's album is coming out in that part of the world next week. This guy's outstanding at finding just the right thing to play to suit any given song absolutely perfectly. Again amazing to witness his work and great to work with.

We're working on a very strange track tomorrow that I didn't actually want included in the project, but Malcolm, the producer, is insisting it be included. It's called 'Need To Let Go.' It's hard to describe, which is probably why he likes it. Based on how things have turned out thus far, he's made a believer out of me. I will give it a fair shake.

In fact, I have been so amazed with the work of Malcolm Burn on this project that I'm looking into how Gunshy can record here instead of Edmonton. Live off the floor just like this. We'll see how it works out, and of course I'll keep you posted if that develops.

After tomorrow, we'll be taking a day off, which will hopefully mean I have a bit of time to post a video. No promises, but I'll try.

Rock out! Trev Fury Guitar

Trev 4 days in the studio in NY (part 2)

K, now it's later in the day and it's less distracting. It's hard to concentrate on writing a blog to document this experience when I'm watching the whole process unfold, even when I'm not doing anything directly.

Today, the drummer (Bill Dobrow) had to go back to New York City for the day to take care of some stuff, so we took a break from tracking as a full band and used the opportunity to listen to the 10 tracks we have so far and see what overdubs could be done by the steel player (John Grapoff). Tomorrow is John's last day on this project, so we have to make it count.

I had actually forgotten how good everything sounds. In spite of having played on all these tracks, it all went by so fast, I barely remembered what they sounded like, just how they felt. So today when we were listening to everything, I was listening as a fan rather than a participant. It was awesome.

There are two stand out tracks that had epic moments today. One is called 'Out Of Here', and it's the first song Mel and I ever wrote together 20 years ago. There's a bridge section in the song that needed some color so we decided to have John do some sustained steel work on it. Then without warning, Malcolm (the producer) ran over to the piano and spontaneously began playing as John was laying down his steel part and the result was absolute magic. It transformed the whole thing. They kept playing at the end of the song and turned it into some kind of anthem.

The other track I'd like to mention is called 'You don't know me'. It was already a pretty cool rock song, but again adding the steel and piano just made it huge. I'm really glad to have witnessed that inspired work.

The rest of the day Mel and I spent working on tweaking lyrics on 3 songs. One in particular is called 'Brand New'. Funny thing is, when we first started playing, we played this song which didn't exist yet. Literally, the first 4 minutes we played together was captured for the record. Keep that in mind when you hear it.

The other 2 songs we worked out the lyrics for were 'The way it is' and 'Looking Back'. They came together nicely, though it seemed to take a while. Songwriting might seem very easy, but it's really not.

So far here's the track list: Brand New - Country-ish, sweet sounding Caught - A kind of hypnotic trance-like song with a real seductive vibe. I Fell For You - A real artsy piece a-la Feist. Almost sounds like a music box with someone singing softly as not to wake someone up Nothing Matters - Again acoustic sounding, pop composition. Hooky chorus. You Don't Know Me - Epic rock song Madness of Love - Fast rock tune, some shredding. Lots of fun. Out Of Here - Kind of a hippie rock anthem. This one sounds enormous. Fly - Very Beatles meets Elton John ballad. Desert of Lies - Another fast rock tune with some shred. Just a bit. Everybody Need Someone - Mid tempo rock tune with an infectious chorus

Tomorrow we're tracking as a band again, and there's 4 more songs to do. Then we give John a ride back to NYC (bout 2 hours away).

I'll put more up tomorrow. I can't wait to hear what we do with tomorrow's tunes. Everything thus far has exceeded my expectations by a long shot. I guess that's what happens when you're working with a Grammy winning producer and top NY session players, hey?

Trev 4 days in the studio in NY.

We're on day 4. I don't need to work today, which means I actually have time to write this quick update.

Working in this studio with producer Malcolm Burn is totally incredible. It's not typical in any way. First off, it's in the basement of a mansion in Kingston NY. This a very old mansion, and the basement looks like a dingy old basement. There's garage sale area rugs everywhere and wall hangings in strategic locations on the stone walls for just the right amount of sound deadening. It's humble looking, but it sounds absolutely awesome.

Malcolm has a cool way of working. All the players are set up in their own area and miked up. Then we bang these songs off live. In 3 days, we've laid down killer beds for 10 songs. Super efficient.

He's absolutely honest, sometimes painfully so. He refuses to piss around with a song that isn't up to a certain standard as a piece of art. He'll go off on these crazy rants that have nothing to do with music or the task at hand, but somehow it puts us in a certain zone collectively that we're able to channel something. It's hard to explain.

I've been playing my usual guitar, which is a Schecter Hellraiser 7 string, but I've been plugged in to an old Gibson Skylark amp from the 1950's. It's not a metal tone, but it does rock like hell.

I've also been called upon to play a beautiful Martin acoustic guitar from the 1940's and an old nylon string Spanish guitar, doing some very unfamiliar styles of playing. Initially I figured I was going to have to just play weird acoustic stuff, but I've actually got a bit of shred in.

I'll post a bit more later tonight when I have a minute.

Trev Fury Guitar

Trev in NY, recording TOMORROW!

Hey everyone!

We've landed in Newburgh NY and drove over to Kingston. This is where it's all going down. The studio is located in a mansion here in Kingston. I haven't been there yet, but will be going there to meet with Malcolm Burn, the producer, tonight.

In the mean time, we're doing some last-minute tweaks on some of the songs that are being considered, and we have to whip in to Manhattan to pick up the slide player. Everyone else is arriving tomorrow.

This is a very quick update because, as yet, all we've done is travel. But work in the studio begins tomorrow, whether we're ready or not.

I'll be setting up a page for this and putting up videos shortly. It's gonna be one awesome experience that I want to share with all of you.



Trev recording in New York!

Hey everybody. How's it going?

I will be the first to admit that I under-use our blog in keeping you up to date. This doesn't mean I don't want to keep in touch. Life just gets in the way sometime, with trying to balance family, music & work. I promise to make more of an effort.

Anyhow, there's a cool thing coming up I wanted to make you aware of. I'll be playing guitar one week from now on a very unusual side project taking place in up state New York with Grammy Award winning producer/engineer Malcolm Burn.

The working title of the project is 'Unhinged', but it may change by the time it's completed. It's a collaboration with a very good friend of mine named Mel Krawchuk, with whom I have been writing songs for nearly 2 decades. (God, when you say it like that it sounds like a very long time!!)

This project is Mel's baby. He raised the funds & selected the producer and all the players. We've got a huge pool of material to choose from & we're all taking part in song selection. I co-wrote about 3 quarters of the material we're picking from, and virtually none of them are in a style you would expect.

I don't have the names of the other players involved, but I know some of their credits. The producer engineered for U2, and won grammys for his work with Bob Dylan and Emmy Lou Harris. The drummer toured with the Black Crowes. The steel player has played on countless recordings, including Joan Osbourne's album with 'What If God Was One Of Us?'. There's also 2 members of the horn section from Kool and the Gang. And Mel on lead vox and rhythm guitar & Trev Fury from Gunshy on lead guitar.

This is unlike anything I have ever done. There will be very little, if any, shred guitar on this. This is definitely not metal. But it will be rock, and it will be a pretty sophisticated sonic palette. I truly hope you dig it.

I'll be posting updates here throughout the progress of the 'Unhinged' project. I hop on a plane next Saturday (July 23), and I'll be gone for 2 weeks. The week after I'm back is when it will be mixed and mastered. The whole thing will take place in 3 weeks.

Once I'm back, we dig in to pre-production on the upcoming Gunshy album. This WILL be metal, without a doubt.

I'll also be posting a video soon which will teach you part of the solo for Devil Made Me. This will be a fan only video, so only members of the Gunshy Militia (I dunno, I thought it was a catchy name for the newsletter, whatchya think?) will have access to it. If you're not a member yet, it's easy. Go to www.reverbnation.com/gunshy and click 'join mailing list'. You can do the same by searching 'gunshyrocks' on facebook.

But you've probably already done that anyway, which means you rock!

Have a wicked weekend & I'll check in with you soon!

Trev Fury Guitar

Redwater gets their ass kicked!!

Hey everyone,

It's Lorana from GUNSHY. I notice it's been a while since anyone wrote anything. Maybe due to being so incredibly busy lately!!! We have added a shit load of new songs to our sets. And I might add, I for one am pretty fucking stoked about them!!!

I guess the quick update is we Rocked the fuck out of New City with Kobra and the lotus last month and took some time off from shows to work on some more new material. Our single Devil Made Me has been released. (it's wicked, just sayin)

We are playing in Redwater on June 10 & 11. Hooliganz on June 18 and then DV8 June 24 in Drayton valley. The weekend after that is Boonstock bitches!! We will be closing the night out just after A perfect circle!! Look for us on the Bud stage!!

Funny story about our Redwater show, We made up some killer posters to advertise for the show. They were put up all over the area and then it turns out that Boonstock coordinater's are planning a Boonstock pre party the very same weekend in Gibbons. After much confusion we had to take down our posters that had been up for a month and quickly make new ones. Haha, all because we put Pre boonstock party as the headline on it. Well, goes to show you that you need to ask about that shit before you print it and put it out for the world.

Well my friends, that's it for now. I'll try to keep you more up to date from now on!!

Rock out \m/ \m/

Powersound will never be the same!

Actually, it's US that will never be the same after recording there! Wow! Day one began with J mashing the living hell out of our first single 'Devil Made Me'. He delivered an outstanding performance in record time. Kudos, bro. Then Frey nailed the bass line like he was born to play it. No surprise there. Day 2, Cody turned in an absolutely excellent studio debut performance. You would never know he hadn't been recording all his life. Great job man! Then it was my turn to lend a couple thousand notes to the occasion. Lots of fun. I got to try out a ton of different ideas, 'til I got the boot for takin' too long. Sorry for cutting into your time, Lorana. As it turned out, Lorana nailed her part in the second take. A few harmonies and the damn thing was done! In spite of feeling pressed for time, we managed to finish tracking an hour and a half early! It's hard to believe we got all our tracks done in a 2 day session for a relatively challenging song. Devil Made Me might not be all out prog, but it's not "Mary Had a Little Lamb" either. All in all we're very satisfied. And NO, you don't get to hear it. At least not yet. It's off being mixed & mastered. We should have it by the end of the month. So you'll have to wait until then. Trust me, it'll be well worth the wait. We'll be putting up some video footage from the sessions soon. Many thanks to all who were involved in the sessions and helped out. We greatly appreciate the opportunity to work with you. This marks a turning point in our journey. As always, my friends, expect GREAT things from us. We will always deliver! Peace out! Trev (guitar)

Not everything goes as planned!!

Well, as it turned out, Saturday was the day for shit to go wrong. However, everything worked out ok, or at least as good as it could, in the end.

As you know from the last blog entry, Frey and I were set to hit the stage with September Stone at the Starlite Room on Saturday. On his way to the show, Frey lost control on the brutally icy roads and rolled his car into the ditch! His girlfriend (my niece) Kristen was with him in the car, and they were both shaken up from the ordeal, but thankfully weren't seriously hurt, and are nearly fully recovered.

Needless to say, Frey didn't get to Starlite that night. The room was full of fans and friends who wished him well. His family even came out in spite of the fact that he wasn't going to make it, which was totally cool.

Anyhow, with Frey and Kristen released from the hospital and ok, there was still a show to play. I tried my hand at the bass and we did a quick sound check. It was ROUGH!!! I think Quin's (lead singer for September Stone) confidence in the show was pretty shaken at that point. We went to their rehearsal space where he taught me the bass parts for their entire set, then we went back and played the show. Man was I glad when that was over!

Funny thing is that after the show was done and I was helping strike the kit and bring the drum hardware down to their van, I fell down the stairs. And it appears that I'm more injured today from that than Frey and Kristen were from their car accident!! Pretty sad, but at the same time VERY lucky!

So a few lessons were learned. One is that it's NOT easy to play bass. Not at all. Second, drive slower than you think you need to during the winter. Third, and most importantly, not everything goes as planned, so be on your toes!!

We hit the studio next weekend. Expect GREAT things.



September Stone (featuring half of Gunshy) @ Starlight

When Quin from September Stone decided to celebrate his birthday with a show at Starlite Room, he enlisted Frey Banman to play bass. This was logical, since Frey played in September Stone up until fall of 2010, and besides that he friggin' rocks.

Trev from Gunshy has also joined the lineup for the show, lending a few thousand notes to the occasion.

This will be a wicked show in one of the best venues in Edmonton. See you there!

2011 is a fuckin' busy year!

Hey there! Thanx for checkin' out our shit and readin' our blog! There, now that I got that out of the way, time to fill you in on what's up.

Firstly I'd like to bid a fond farewell to longtime friend and founding member of Gunshy, Darrell Bowers. Darrell has opted out of the band to pursue other interests more on the promotional side of things. 7 years of rockin', 3 bands, it all goes by in a flash, bro. Thanks for all you have done and for continuing to be a great friend. Best of luck in your new endeavors.

Now I'd like to introduce our new members. We now have Cody Burrell as a second guitar, which opens up the door to all kinds of sonic possibilities (plus takes a bit of a load off my shoulders).

And our newest member, J. This is one wicked fuckin' drummer, perfectly suited to our sound, as we move in a more musically progressive direction.

Now back on the crappy side, we won't be doing any shows for a month or so. Our vocalist Lorana is laid up and awaiting back surgery. I'll keep you posted through this blog, I promise. I won't let things get so behind that there's this much shit to fit in one blog. Send a prayer to Crom for Lorana's speedy recovery.

Let's see, what else? I guess I can officially leak out that we're hitting the studio in mid-month to record our first single 'Devil Made Me'. There's a demo of the track on our reverb nation player, but the song has now evolved into something far more rich and grand than we could have imagined before. I can't fucking wait for you to hear the finished product. You'll shit! I'll be GROSS!

One other thing, we're officially on the roster for BOONSTOCK 2011. As it sits, we're on the Bud Stage after A Perfect Circle. Again, I'll keep you posted if this changes. Expect great things, people, and we shall deliver.

And for those of you who are disappointed that you won't get to catch Darryl Bowers rockin' out with us anymore, you're in luck. He'll be gettin' up there to mash out a few tunes with us at BOONSTOCK, so all I can say is get your damn tickets now! It's official. You now know what you're doing this Canada Day long weekend.

That's the update for now. I promise I'll keep in better touch from here on in. If you'd like to be the first to hear any new music, developments or any news from our world, please join our mailing list.

Til next time.

Trev Lead axe