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Creating, vibing, soul searching, and most importantly, living...the never ending story...forever blessed...excited about what is to come :)

Timing Is Everything

Life....what a true blessing to have. Time....Life exists within Time. You know you've heard the saying that "Timing is Everything"...it really is... We can all agree that at the end of the day, many things are and will always be out of our control, but if I don't know anything else, I know that it's all about the Timing in your Life. Patience, Perseverance, Determination, Tenacity, Passion, Balance, Strength, Motivation, Love, (I could keep going lol) are ALL descriptive actions that have to be taken, used, embraced, and applied in order to allow your destiny to truly unfold. All I'm trying to say is like Rafiki said in The Lion King, "It Is Time". lol :-D

Love, Peace, Blessings from ya girl #ACinNC


Don't let anyone nor anything prevent you from seeking and pursuing your dreams. Distractions are to be expected...but the key is to NOT STOP. #KeepGoing #StayEncouraged You have to believe it first....both lovers and haters will fall in line....The key is not caring where they are but where you are in your journey. #StayFaithful #StayPersistent

Music Makes My World Go Round

Maaaan Listen! If you're anything like me, you refuse to go one day without hearing something that can speak your feelings or touch your spirit for that moment. Music is vital, not only to those who enjoy it and listen to it, but also for those who create it. Shout Out to ALL of my fellow artists, lyricists, musicians, creators of melodic sounds, captains of wave lengths, and gurus of the soul! Music is and will always be a reflection of life and vice versa. Therefore, it is imperative to #ListenToGoodMusic. Peace, Love, & Blessings, Vocalist Andrea Cherry aka #ACinNC #KeepGoing #CantStopWontStop :-) 3

Music Is My Life

No matter what I do, where I am, how I feel, who I meet, etc., music has and will always be the center of my life. It's like breathing. For me to stop is impossible and channeling it is my biggest challenge. You would think as effortless as it is for me to create this shouldn't be a challenge, but with life, it is easy to become distracted at a moments notice. Staying focused is key. Perseverance is key. Remaining tuned into my purpose is something that will never go away. In my "Lion King" voice, "It is time." lol Let's get it!! :D #CantStopWontStop #KeepGoing #ACinNC #CreateGoodMusic #ListenToGoodMusic

Perseverance: What It Means To Me

"Perseverance = steadfastness in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success. "

In this musical journey of mine which I title life, I vow to tenaciously continue to persevere in becoming who God has set for me to be. My destiny is near and I am currently walking into it. We are all walking towards our own destinies everyday. The stride should never stop nor should it ever weaken. We can all agree that consistency is what is so greatly needed to be able to measure a level of change as a result. I am too blessed to be stressed...and with faith and perseverance I am bound to succeed. Same moto goes for you too! Don't you agree? :)

~Andrea Cherry~

Stay Dreaming!!!

You always hear the saying to "Never give up on your dreams"...I stay repeating this effortlessly to myself daily because it helps remind me that my dream is and will come true...Being caught up with life and other priorities can be very distracting but nevertheless I will NEVER give up and will always shoot for the stars and beyond...for all the dreamers out there, we'll get there before you know it ;) - Ms. Cherry -


Staying FOCUSED (PHO-KAASD) is half the battle...consistency is the other. It is not uncommon to have distractions but it is wise to not allow them to rule your world. YOU ultimately have control of what you give power to. (besides God of course) Keep going, don't give up, know that He has paved the way for you, it's just a matter of you applying yourself correctly. Love, Peace, Blessings, and Thank You Jesus! :) 3

Man...time ain't waitin' on NOBODY!

A moment of reflection has me absorbing as many blessings as I can count...who would have thought a year ago I would be where I am now...all I can say, is..."Thank you Jesus"...my music helps to flourish by the influences in my life (as any artist)...all I can do is my best...and NEVER stop!! BEAST MODE on FULL FORCE!!

My Future...

"Music is my life....therefore, my future is not a future without it..."